Move in Day

First of all, please enjoy this terribly grainy photo of me and my sister behind the lovely packing job.


Today’s the day! The day when you are torn from your sheltered life and throw into a world of strange people and new places.

But not really.

It’s actually been pretty pleasant. I unpacked my many belongings and then went out shopping for this stressfully long and ambiguous list of art things I – allegedly – need for studio on Wednesday. I feel I need to inform you that this list was first available to us on the Wednesday that had just passed. So after running around with only partial success in completing the list, I, along with my parents, headed back to the dorms. After they left, our floor gathered in the stairwell and headed over to Warnock Commons for a group dinner. That was nice, although I always forget to check out all my dining options and end up with too many plates on my tray.

When the conversation died down and people had left, the remaining consumers (including myself) returned to the dorms. I got to do my favorite thing, which wast to organize all my stuff! Also, I got to know my roommates and they are all awesome! Anyway, here are some lovely pictures of my room.



Here, you can see a lovely view of my bed all made up. The two pictures on the wall are of Bowie the Dog and Rosabell the Cat. You can see where my priorities lie.



And here, you see my desk, adorn with colorful paintings, photos, and knick knacks. I also feel the need to emphasize my proximity to the Microfridge.

And finally, a close up of my desk with my screen open to the blog post that I am writing right now (although it’s hard to tell with the glare)




Bed Claiming

On my last post I said I was in supplemental housing right? Well I am, and yesterday, I decided to go up early and claim a bed (I live close enough that I could do that and come home in a day). Penn State allows you to move in up to two days early for the small price of $20 a day. Since we went on Wednesday, we had to pay $40. You must be wondering why anyone would go to the trouble of dropping a few things off at the dorm and then coming home. As it turns out, I am a restless sleeper, moving all over the place and whatnot. I am fairly certain that if I was left with a bunk bed or a bed that was close in proximity to most of the other beds, I would not be a very likable person.

My mom is on this parents facebook page for PSU college freshmen. She showed me a picture a father posted of his daughter’s “Pinterest perfect” dorm. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that literally everything in that dorm room was perfectly  color coordinated. I guess having matching bedding would make sense, but this catalogue-esqe dorm went way farther than pillows and sheets. I honestly don’t understand why it would be worth investing the money and effort to buy desk organizers, hangers, decorations, or what have you, to match your bed. It’s worth metioning, as did a commenter on said photo, that in a month, your room will look like the aftermath of a tornado.

Anyway, this is the bed I picked. See that door on the left? That is the bathroom, so my bed is in an ideal position.


And here is my desk.

IMG_4937 (1)

Oh look! I’m also super close to the microfridge, perfect for midnight snacking.

And one more thing: Move in day is tomorrow.

Time No, Stop That

It is getting dangerously close to move in day. I will be in supplemental housing , and I don’t really know how I feel about that. Apparently, there is a surplus of upperclassmen housing (so basically not freshmen) but the freshman dorms are “stuffed to the gills.” Meaning, I won’t be moving out of a study lounge any time soon. That’s just great. Another perk of being part of one of Penn State’s largest incoming freshman classes. Yay. Ok, ok, I’ll try to be more positive. For instance, I only have six roommates and not eight. Also, the study lounges in North Halls have nice big windows. My roommates and I will share a large baathroom-that’s good. I get to talk to more people, as well. Maybe it’ll be good for my inherent desire to not talk to people.

In all honesty, I am terrified of going off to college. I really feel like the last thing I want to do is be responsible for my life and to have to socialize with a bunch of strange people who I don’t know. don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the time when I actually get used to being on my own an finally decide to take on my life full speed ahead, but right now, I just want to sit at home and make art and watch Netflix. I hate how people always approach the future with “philosophical” observations like, “the future is now.”  Then they write that quote in cursive on a re-purposed barn door and call it inspiration. Oh, wait. That’s just Pinterest. Whatever, I’m just going to pretend that real life is a really long ways off, even though it’s actually starting in 4 days.

And one more thing: isn’t the featured photo for this post terrific? I think I got my finger in the picture too.

And one last thing: You see the purple shoe that keeps appearing in many of my pictures? That is because I am also working on a this blog called “The Traveling Shoe Project” I forgot to take picture without the shoe in it.

I need more pictures.