One More Week! (And a little bit more)

Today starts the final week of classes. That’s pretty crazy. I’m very excited to be almost done with my first semester of college ever. It’s sort of unreal in a way, because I still don’t feel like I should be allowed to be responsible for myself. I mean, the other morning I sat on the floor for ten minutes, debating on whether I should wear my rain jacket or my winter coat. But, at least I can do my own laundry now!


A studio update!

We are working on our final project, which is a presentation “board” with some of our work from the semester. The photos have to be arranged in some kind of way that they make sense and has a nice “flow.” The hand drawn layout is due today. The during class, we are learning InDesign, which is an Adobe program that I suspect is for making posters.


The layout for my board. It’s really messy, but that’s ok. I am titling it, “I Waste So Much Trace” (like trace paper). It’s catchy.

What else…

We finished decorating our room, and I must say, it looks pretty classy.


The snowflakes on the left wall are post-it notes

Here it with the lights off.


And another thing. The crows have come to roost. There is a length of Shortlidge (which I still don’t know how to spell correctly) where the sidewalk is covered in so much bird poop-splatter that it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. I guess the crows have fancied this row of trees next to the sidewalk for their nightly rest. And it’s not just a few crows–It’s like hundreds. They just sit there in huge, dense masses, waiting for innocent pedestrians. You think I’m making this up, but it’s real. I was walking down this section of the sidewalk and I could hear the birds doing their thing. Every night. Poop is raining from the sky.

I would’ve taken a picture but I don’t think it would be as appreciated a one of Pollock’s works so I’ll use it as a stand-in.

Number 8, 1949

The accuracy of this to the sidewalk is incredible though.