Day Three

Zoe’s Log-Day 3

-day 3…they still do not suspect that I am a mere cat.

-Day 3 of non-stop service! Yee Haa! Day 3!!!

-Ah! Do nothing congress

-Uh… I got turned into a cow, can I be excused now?

yes you may be excused

-I am doing nothing right now

-Food. Summer

-Oh yes, I boost cars in my free time

-6:14 6:15

-Still swiveling

-Ahh! I can’t see the time

Needless to say, I go very little relevant work done that day.


College English

So it looks like I’m starting college a little early… Actually it’s just a class.

After being on the fence about whether or not to take summer classes, I was finally convinced by enough people that taking a summer class to lighten my load would be worth it come fall semester. I decided on English because I hate English and figured it would be in my best interest to get it out of the way.

I probably need to be careful about what I say…

But anyways! The class is extremely condensed and long and unfortunately, I just learned most of the stuff we’re talking about so I am-in the words of Sherlock from BBC’s Sherlock-

So, I write down sarcastics remarks in my notebook, even though I have been told by my parents on multiple occasions that that might be a bad idea. What can I say. I live for danger.

Please enjoy the less rude remarks that I have made:

Day 1

-“I am in English. It’s funny because I hate English. Ha! No, actually that’s a lie. I hate 3 hours of English.”

-“This isn’t real”

-“There’s a piano on this floor.”

-“I’m Sherlock (Observations)”

-“Did you know that other people have opinions that are not your opinions?”


-“The funny thing is, it looks like I’m taking actual notes when I’m just making sarcastic comments. Ha!”

-“[Sqare roots] They just blow my mind.”

-“I can’t sit still”