The Benefits of Public Transportation

It is halfway through the first semester. Homework is piling up at an alarming speed. There are essays to write, tests to take, and deadlines to meet. Any moment spent not doing homework is spent avoiding it.The air is cold and smells like fall. Trees are painted red, orange, and yellow. Leaves tumble off the branches, drifting to the ground. (This leaf detachment happens through the process of abscission). It’s getting dark earlier and no conversation is complete without someone saying they are tired.

And here is what I’ve been up to:

First off, here is my last studio project for digital sequence. Tomorrow, my section will be doing “analog drawing” which is the non-computer part of studio, and I have little to no idea what that entails. Anyway, for our project, we had to color in a black and white site plan. I DID NOT DRAW THIS. I just colored it in. (I did not draw this).


The other day, I was doing laundry. I put my clothes in the dryer. When they were done, I opened up the door to find this:



It made me very happy. I think it’s fascinating that the money didn’t get mixed in with the rest of the clothes. It was just lucky someone didn’t get impatient and take my clothes out of the dryer to put in their own, because I would’ve lost a small fortune.


All the groceries I could fit in my backpack.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a fear of public transportation. I’m always worried that I’ll get off at the wrong place or take the wrong bus or something. I just don’t trust my directional judgement (which I can admit I do not have much of). But, last night, I did the unthinkable: I TOOK THE BUS! I figured that as an actual adult-like person, I will need to figure out public transportation so I can go places on a very limited budget. I had also gone to McLanahan’s and bought a large amount of groceries, including a 5 pound bag of flour and a dozen eggs which I really didn’t want to lug up hill. (Side note: I was also considering buying a bag of those tiny clementines but decided against it which was probably good judgement). I had put all the groceries in my backpack which made it bulge out really far, and probably looked really suspicious. I also felt like I was going to fall over backwards.

After I went to the store, I decided to get some dinner. For obvious reasons, I didn’t want to walk very far so I went to Panera. Do you see the IMG_5243picture of my food there? That is a Panera dinner without a baguette! when did the start giving customers soft dinner rolls like it’s some kind of upgrade!? Soft dinner roles are available in every diner in America. If you’re going to Panera, you’re there for the bread.

Outside, it was cold, wet, and windy. In conditions like this, any person with a substantial amount of weight on their shoulders would have no desire to trek all the way back to North Halls. So I waited for the bus, and I got on the right bus, and I got off at the right stop. I was very proud of my accomplishment, and happy that I had less far to walk.

Here is proof that I took the bus:


I did not want people to question my intentions in taking a picture of the bus with people in it, so I took it of the doors. Anyhow, I now realize the benefits of public transportation.

I guess I should explain the flour and eggs. Well, I decided to make a cookie in a mug. I looked up a recipe online, but I must have done something wrong because it did not turn out like the picture. (I realize here that I should’ve taken a picture of it as that last sentence made a perfect lead-in for a picture. However, I was so disappointed in the outcome that I did not take one).

This morning, I made myself breakfast:

IMG_5256 (In the microwave, I might add) My dorm room now smells like bacon.

This is Why I Decided not to be a Grown Up

Some very exciting news to start off with:

IMG_5096So, I was doing laundry the other day and was getting all excited to put my clothes in the dryer. But, to my dismay, there were no dryers available. This is not an OK predicament to be in because it takes fifty some minutes for the dryers to do their thing, and I needed two dryers. There was one empty dryer that I took but I then needed another one. Using only one dryer would mean that It would take almost two hours to dry my clothes. It was pretty late and I wanted to watch Netflix-I mean go to sleep early. There were two guys behind me having a heated conversation about their laundry. While I’m standing there sulking, one of them comes up and takes his laundry out of the dryer. This was strange because I had seen him put his clothes in only a few minutes ago. I asked him if I could have the dryer and he said yes and I was like yay and I loaded my clothes in. I went over to swipe my card to pay the the display said the dryer was already in use. That made me very confused. I walked back over to the dryer and stared at the panel with the buttons and timer. The screen showed that there was still fifty-six minutes left. I closed the door and pressed the start button, and the machine started churning away!

And that is how I saved fifty cents on laundry.

Ok, so here is something actually interesting: my latest studio endeavor.

Remember that courtyard perspective grid that I showed you?


Well, I forgot to take a picture of the courtyard that we had to draw using the grid but moving on…

I am taking digital sequence now, and I am really excited about it. We will be learning how to use Photoshop and some other programs. For our first exercise, we had to create three different versions of the courtyard (that I didn’t take a picture of) we used in our original grid. It doesn’t matter if that made sense, just look at my drawings!



IMG_5104Then, we had to pick one to make a final…



Another funny little story:

I was at my grandparents house and they gave me a stool. I took the stool home, and I was very excited to take it up to the dorm and put it down. I walked up to the door and swiped my card and walked through the doorway and in that moment, the fire alarm went off. I thought, that’s great. I get to stand out on the sidewalk holding a stool. And that’s what I did. Lots of people looked at me funny and I considered sitting on it in the middle of the sidewalk, but for some reason I didn’t. In hinds sight, it seems like a lost opportunity.

And one last thing:

I have been playing guitar a lot and at some point I might possibly post videos… 🙂

(Edit: I forgot to finish that last sentence, but I fixed it)