Studio has Priority Over Everything Else, Apparently

Hi people! Gosh! It’s been a while hasn’t it?! Well, luck for you, I’ve been doing lots of things in studio and what not. Get ready, this will be a very long post.

BUT! Before I dive in, I must announce that I tried, once more, to make the cooking in the mug, with exemplary results. (at least, it looked edible enough that I could take a picture).IMG_5265

It was very delicious!






And, speaking of food, here is what I’ve been doing in studio:



EATING DOUGHNUTS!!! Drawing doughnuts!!!!!

This was an in-class assignment where we had to draw a doughnut. Ok, let me elaborate. We are learning how to draw objects in plan, elevation and section. A drawing in plan perspective means looking at the object right on top of it (a birds eye view). An elevation drawing is done from the side of the object. A section drawing is as though you cut the object is half and you draw whatever would be in the middle. Drawing the doughnut was pretty handy for this part because I could actually cut it in half to draw the section perspective (That was the drawing on the bottom of the page). Another example maybe?


Plan View

Plan View

Our first studio project was to do the plan, elevation, section, and prospective of a single Lego block (did you notice my neatly-lettered labels). Then, we had to do the same things with a stack of blocks (Drawings on the left).

So I might have said before that all the first year LARCH students were split in to two groups. One did the digital sequence first (that was my group) and one did the analog sequence first. Then we switched. All the people who started with the analog sequence told me that it was lot of work and all the complaints that go along with that. On the first day I was like, this isn’t so bad! We get to eat doughnut and stuff. Then we were assigned that perspective project with the blocks, and I was like, Ok, they’re steppin’ up their game. Not too bad… HAHAHA.

In class, we did this exercise where you’d take some form and morph it into something else through a series of 5 steps. Example: They gave us each a toy animal to draw. I got an iguana. We had to then morph that animal (iguana) into a pencil. This is hard to explain. Also, I didn’t take a picture of the exercise. Anyhow, our homework assignment was to Use the large Lego blocks and morph them into some other object that people could interact with. That sounds fairly ambiguous? You have no idea. So our homework was to do that for thirty different objects. Meaning, five little thumbnails for each object. They were like, don’t worry! it’s only thirty drawings! But really, it was 150 of those little thumbnail sketches.




Then, after we finished 150 I mean 30 drawings, we had to pick our favorite one and do a perspective, plan, section, and elevation (there seems to be a pattern emerging). I picked a giant, wavy speaker thing that I imagine would be situated in a public square and would play music.

Below you see a terrible picture of my half finished homework. I apologize for not taking another but I forgot. I will post a better picture later.



Oof. I can’t look at that picture anymore. So moving on.

Photo 2014-10-26 10.10.27 PM

I went home for the weekend, and I have a pretty good analogy for how I feel about going home for the weekend (I think it’s pretty clever).

Going home for the weekend is like taking a shower in the winter when you’re really tired. I don’t really feel like taking one because that requires all the necessary preparations for doing that. Likewise, I don’t like having to pack and take all my homework with me. I also don’t want to miss anything that might happen in my absence. So I drag myself into the shower, and it feels refreshing and warm and suddenly, I don’t want to leave. I just want to stand in the hot shower and steam up the bathroom and not worry about my upcoming tests or all the unchecked emails or the laundry that I’ve neglected for two weeks. I think, “What if I could just stay home and watch Netflix and eat late-night snacks all the time? I could be with my pets (and my family) and not have to buy food all the time and always have toilet paper in the bathroom.” But then the rational part of my brain is like, “No Zoe, you can’t do that.” I have to get out of the shower, which is hard at first because it’s cold and my hair keeps dripping on my PJs. But, after I’ve dried off and I feel all clean, I’m really happy that I took a shower.

Also, that book under my little sign is The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It is the first non-fiction, completely adult book that I voluntarily bought! (Actually I’m reading it for a class). I’ve only read six pages, but it is very interesting.

The other day when I was getting ready to take my shower, I was getting out my soap bar and it fell and look how it landed!


I got so excited, but no one was home, so I took a picture.

Also, here is proof that I am still being productive in gymnastics. It is only one of two photos take of me during practice:



It’s really blurry because I was holding the camera while leaping, and attempted to capture my split leap in mid air. Unfortunately, I forgot that the camera would also be moving. It’s artsy, right?



A New Day Dawns: I Love Almost Getting Hit by a Bus in the Morning

First of all, check it out! I took an extremely artistic photo of the varsity gym…


Well, not really. I didn’t want to look creepy, so I took the picture quickly and then left.

Anyway, some super riveting stuff happened since my last post…

Yesterday, I finished the leftover Thai food that my parents brought when they came to visit. It’s funny, because right as I was starting to eat, my mom texted me saying, “I don’t think I’d eat any more of the leftover Thai food at this point – I think it’s getting too old and I don’t want you to get sick!” (What a motherly thing to say). At this point, however, I was already halfway done. Luckily, I accidentally put the food in the microwave for way too long, and I replied that, “I heated it for too long and killed all the bacteria.” Now that I am typing this, I am realizing that the food was almost two weeks old, which for some reason didn’t occur to me when I was eating it. It tasted delicious and I am not sick, so there was really no cause for concern.

Today, my dishes and microwave covers finally came (I know, I could hardly contain myself), along with a giant box of goldfish-courtesy of my lovely mother. 🙂


This was actually a very confusing situation at first, because I thought the box was just going to be the dishes and microwave covers. When told the woman running the commons desk that a package arrived for me, she came back with this large box that felt much heavier than just plastic ware. Suffice to say, when I opened it, and dug a mile deep through the air pillows, I saw the goldfish.

Also today, I started and sort of finished my second art homework (not the lettering though because I need to be more attentive for that). Our last assignment – as you may recall – was to create a “value map” of a picture. This assignment was similar, but along with value, we also had to do texture. I chose a photo that I took my family went to Martha’s Vineyard for a cousin’s wedding (which was lovely by the way).

Here is the picture…



In my humble opinion, it looks very professional. I printed it in black and white for the alsssignment, and it looks even better…


(I had to outline some things in silver so I could see them through the tracing paper)

Here are my texture drawings:

IMG_5029The one on the left is pencil and the right is pen


It is ridiculous, the amount of traffic that goes through campus mid-day. I hate crossing busy streets because the cars don’t stop. And when they do stop, they start going as soon as you get out of your way. They don’t care of you’re still in the road. As long as you’re out of the way, they are flooring it. I personally, feel like it’s not the most intelligent thing to drive through campus in the middle of the day, considering that the sidewalks are crammed with people walking at all sorts of speeds, and a constant stream of foot traffic is crossing the street. But, I do feel bad for the drivers who chose this unforgiving path, as the students are about as bad as the vehicles in allowing the other mode of transport to proceed.


So Much to Say

YAY! I have officially finished my first week of classes, and let me just tell you that it has felt like the longest week of my life. All my classes are interesting, mostly. I’m very excited for my class, “Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems,” because I think we will be learning a lot about conservation and national parks and human impact. (If you were wondering, my other classes are a landscape architecture-or LARCH- studio, soils, and plant biology). I already have a decent pile of work, which is… just…um… Anyway, it’s great that we get a three-day weekend after an endless week of being perpetually confused and walking up Shortlage ten times each day. That I could probably avoid by waking a more direct route but, struggling with my sense of direction, I get lost if I don’t. However, I would like to say that I am getting better at finding my way around.


I finished my first assignment for studio! We had to draw this:


We had to draw the paper sculpture, using only outlines so we weren’t allowed to shade (Which made me sad because I like shading).

Here is what my drawing looked like:


(You can see my awesome shoes in the bottom of the picture)

Not too shabby, eh?

Side comment: We had to get a 48 inch T Square for the course. I (actually my mom) ordered one through Dick Blick because I guess there isn’t an incredibly high demand for wooden T square that are roughly the same height as a middle schooler.

I’m not kidding. It is literally only about a foot shorter than me (I am short).

This is the box it came in:



They had to tape another box on top to make it longer.There was nothing else inside that box, with the exception of an entire warehouse of bubble wrap.

What else…

Oh! Very exciting! Two of my roommates and I went out for dinner the other night. Real food. I have a new appreciation for actual food that you have to cook, after only a week a dining hall meals. I am eating leftovers right now. 🙂









Today was a stay-in day for me. I spent most of it trying to reorganize my stuff which I mostly finished. Then, I did a bunch of homework and got my printer working. Now, as a previously mentioned, I am eating leftover french fries and garlic bread and writing this blog post. I think I’ll go get dinner at some point.