The Longest Week of My Life-Day 3

First some exciting news! Club gymnastics started today! The atmosphere was super chill, and everybody was enthusiastic and friendly. I am looking forward to being part of the club! Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photo of the varsity gym that we are allowed to practice in.

So, the involvement fair was held Monday through Wednesday in the HUB, and like the clever kid that I am, I go at lunch time. I got in the room where all the tables were set up, and it was wall to wall people.

Here is the best picture I took of the fair:


Great, right? I was too short to see over anybody.

Also, yesterday, I ate breakfast in the dining hall for the first time! Very exciting. I took a picture of my food, I was so excited.


And my final accomplishment thus far: I was not an hour early for any of my classes today!

I can’t wait ti’ll the days stop feeling so long.


Day Three

Zoe’s Log-Day 3

-day 3…they still do not suspect that I am a mere cat.

-Day 3 of non-stop service! Yee Haa! Day 3!!!

-Ah! Do nothing congress

-Uh… I got turned into a cow, can I be excused now?

yes you may be excused

-I am doing nothing right now

-Food. Summer

-Oh yes, I boost cars in my free time

-6:14 6:15

-Still swiveling

-Ahh! I can’t see the time

Needless to say, I go very little relevant work done that day.