Nowhere to Go, but I’m Fine With That

Yeah, so I waited so long to finish this post that I’m actually done with the quarter. I will be writing about that tomorrow maybe but who knows when it will actually get posted.



Hi! It’s been a really really long time since I posted. I thought about keeping up to date with my posts but not much has happened and I’m sure that reading about the nothing that I’m doing is not going to be that exciting. But I felt like I should post because some stuff is kind of happening.

First off, about this whole quarantine thing, I am totally fine with it. I absolutely love having an excuse to not go anywhere or do anything except be in my room and work on the stuff I want to work on. Although, I’m a little bummed that I have to do all this schools stuff when I have so many personal projects just roaming around in my head. But it’s ok.

Class, but Online

Having to do class on Zoom is probably the hardest test my sub-par attention span has ever had to face, and let me tell you, I am not doing super great at it. I sure don’t want to give you the impression that I am not doing my class work and all that (because I am) but golly it’s so hard to stay focused sometimes. For the first few weeks, I didn’t have a chair to sit on, so I sat on the floor. I like sitting on the floor anyway because I can kind of squirm around and pick at the carpet during class and no one can see because my laptop is propped up on a stool. I told my mom not to get me a chair but she got me a chair anyway. I sat in it for a week or two, but it doesn’t really roll on the soft carpet and I can’t squirm as much as I would like. So I put the chair in another room and now I’m back on the floor. Thanks, anyway mom.

Going Outside Sometimes

Don’t worry, I do leave my room occasionally. My parents and I went hiking a few times at King’s Gap. we took our little, old dog Bowie and he is very slow but he powers through! I took some nice pictures!
DSC_0198 DSC_0162

I also had done a little design for the side yard at my grandparent’s house! I ordered plugs from North Creek Nursery and my parents and I went up to State College to plant them while maintaining a safe distance! The featured image on this post is of my lovely parents trimming a tree in the back yard.
2020-04-19 11.43.44

Bird Action

There have been so many handsome and beautiful birds at our feeder! We had a pair of Bluebirds nesting in our bird box and also got a visit from some Orioles passing through! Very exciting! We have been watching the baby bluebirds in the box. Here they are:

And here is the male Bluebird at the feeder


They have since flown the coop, but a couple (the same one perhaps?) is eyeing the vacant property.

Also check out this cool shot of an Oriole taking off from the feeder:

So that’s about everything that happened and now the quarter is over. Stay tuned for more thoughts and poorly crafted sentences about more things at some point in the future, hopefully tomorrow.

Higher Standards, Lower Bed

Happy New Year everyone! Cant believe we’re in a new decade and I’m still the same exact height. It must be nice to know that some things never change.

Anyway, I’m back! In Savannah. Today was the first day of classes and I have much higher expectations and hopes for this quarter. I really like my studio professor AND I have an actual studio which will be (hopefully) way more interesting than asking people about their eating habits or researching plastic use during travel. Tomorrow I have my class on financial reporting and analysis. I’m actually looking forward to it because I wanna learn about financial and business stuff and I don’t wanna work in another group.

My break was also nice, and also super long. Almost too long, like it made it quite difficult to go back but it’s ok.

I did a lot of stuff on my break. First of all, on the way home from Savannah, my first flight was crazy delayed and as it was I had only an hour layover between flights and with this delay and by the time I got my suitcase from the valet cart I literally had less than a minute to catch my flight to Harrisburg. My smart mother sent me a picture of the airport terminal so I knew exactly where to go, I just has to sprint. And unfortunately I had to run in my rain boots. I sprinted through the airport dodging pedestrians while the final boarding call announcement echoed through the hall. Bottom line is I made it to the gate huffing and puffing at the final moment that the door was about to close. I should really travel lighter.

I painted a picture of the Angel Oak as a late birthday present to my Mama.
2019-12-05 14.37.01

My friends and I also had a fun friendsgiving weekend. Ben (my future business partner and current friend) made us a delicious turkey and everyone brought delicious foods and we just hung around all day and talked and played games. I love my friendy friends!

2019-11-23 14.04.022019-11-24 12.37.57

I also went down to Silver Spring and hung out with the Log. We went to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving and so much of the family was there! It was a wonderful time! I had fun playing with my little cousins. When I got home I hung out with my birds a bit.
2019-11-26 11.15.31
2019-11-26 11.16.04

I also hung out with Logan in Frederick and we looked at the the light-up boat display along the riverwalk/canal thing. One of them was a “Starry Night” boat.
2019-12-07 18.20.20
2019-12-07 18.18.49

Christmas was lovely. The Log came up for that which was very nice of him. My family and I visited some friends in New York and we went into the city for the day. We went to some cool museums and walked around Central Park hardcore tourist style. I highly recommend the Tenement Museum on your next trip to NYC. Very interesting!

So now I’m back in Savannah! When my plane landed, the flight attendant said “welcome to Savannah, home of the bananas” I decided to rearrange my room and lower my bed because it was too tall and I needed a stool to comfortable get in it. I moved it down a notch and now it’s much better.

Spring Break, Spring Ahead

Where is this “Spring” anyway. It is a cool 30 degrees Fahrenheit right now in always partially sunny State College. Despite the cold, I have been busy over the break. (It is now the Friday of my first week back at school).

Painting Underwater

I was very excited for spring break because I got to paint a lot of furniture and try out my cute new electric sander. (Thanks internet!)

I painted a small shelf and table in an “under water” theme, which was an interesting and new challenge since the only things I’ve really painted are flowers.

Here are some progress pics of the shelf:

And here are the final pics of the table and the shelf:



Android Defector

I broke my iPhone screen right before break, and my nice mother offered to buy me a new one. I have been considering the switch from Apple to Samsung for a long time and after an extremely long case of indecision, I finally decided to try out android. It’s taking me a little getting used to but I think the switch was worth it and that battery life is no joke.


More bird pics!


Hire Me Please

Baltimore Site Visit

On February 1st, my studio went on a site visit to the Johnston Square neighborhood in Baltimore. We talked with the Parks & People foundation and residents about the area and design opportunities. It was awesome to listen to how passionate residence are about the neighborhood and I am super excited to design something that they might be able to use! After our meeting, we walked around the neighborhood. Here are some pics:

Career Fair

Two weeks ago was the Stuckeman School Career Fair. AKA the Most stressful, social-anxiety causing situation of my ’emerging professional’ life. At least they talk to me now that I’m a 4th year and not a 1st year. Anyway, it’s basically a bunch of important professionals standing around studio next to informational posters waiting for us to come up and ask about their firm. I really am not a fan of initiating conversations so I would just walk slowly by until one of the people asked me what my major was. It worked out pretty well.

JMU Meet

It’s meet season! Right after career fair, I got the late car down to JMU for the first gymnastics meet of the year. It was a decent meet, nothing too exciting. But I felt it warranted a mention on the ol’ blog. I did get to do my new floor routine which was very fun!

Birds Everywhere

I took my birds out of their cage! I can’t tell if they really liked flying around my apartment but they pooped on a minimal amount of stuff and I got some cute pics!

3rd Year, Oh Dear

So we are about one day from my return to school. Today being the last full day at home :(. But here’s to the start of junior year! Woo. But, plot twist, I am not living in the dorms this year since, partly due to my actions (or lack there of) I did not actually request an on campus housing contract…haha oops. Consequently, I had to look for an apartment off campus. And after an emotionally exhausting winter of searching, I found a wonderful little place down town. Sadly, it is incredibly far away from the Stuckeman building where most of my days are spent (as you may recall from my previous posts). But at least I’ll get more steps in

2016-05-22 20.41.52

Vincent, on the left, with all his body parts still intact. Parsley is behind him on the right.

Another new and exciting thing this year, I have birds!!! Two cute budgies named parsley (the green one) and uh… well I haven’t actually named the other one. I just call it Little Blue Bird. They both hate me at the moment but hopefully one day they will not hate me! That’s the goal anyway. Little Blue Bird is not the original (or OG as the young folks are saying) inhabitant, however. I had originally bought a different bird (named Vincent), to accompany Parsley but in a sad turn of events, Vincent escaped from the cage. His freedom was not long lived as the ferocious cat decided he looked delicious, so she ate him. It was SO sad.

2016-08-18 16.28.53

Little Blue Bird now on the left. So cute! And still living!


A frightening and also exciting thing that happened over the summer: I got accepted into Schreyer Honors College! I mostly did it because I want to wear the gold medal at graduation. Not sure if all the extra work and that whole “honors thesis” thing will be worth it but it’s too late now!!! Additionally, I’m banking on getting a free t-shirt at Schreyer orientation. Luckily, there is a separate orientation for gateway students and incoming freshmen because I’d rather not have to feel like a dumb lump next to all these newbie geniuses. Personal feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to be in Schreyer! (Even though I have continual issues with correctly spelling “Schreyer”. That “e” before the “y” really gets me. Anyway, I actually think it will be a beneficial experience and what not. AND priority scheduling! No complaints about that!

So anyway, it’s definitely going to be an interesting year!