I’m Going Abroad, and What that Means for You

Yes! For the fall semester of my 5th Year, I will be going to Bonn, Germany! I am extremely excited to visit Europe since I’ve never been. Although I feel like I’d still be excited even if I had already been to Europe. But I guess that’s irrelevant. Anyway, I hope to keep you up to date while abroad. But PLOT TWIST! My free wordpress account has allotted me 3 Gigabytes of storage. I have currently used up about 70% of said storage so I either have to cut down on pictures or make a new blog and link it to this one. Friends. This is going to be tough. I made a new blog (Zoe’s Study Abroad Adventure) but I will be sharing everything I post on this blog (Zoe’s College Adventure). So really, there’s no need to worry.


Something I forgot to tell you:

While I was in State College for my friend’s graduation, I was also there to be inducted into the Lambda chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society. Appparently, only one percent of students in qualified majors are asked to join. I actually didn’t think my major quailfied because its supposed to be a society for people in liberal arts that don’t focus a specific career path but I guess I sneaked in there somehow.