Pasta With Garlic and Bacon

Bacon? Yes! Bacon! I cooked bacon in a microwaveable bowl and it was amazing!


-Anglehair pasta

-2 pieces of bacon

-minced garlic

-salt and pepper

-Parmesan Cheese

What to do:IMG_5240

-Break up angel hair pasta in a bowl and add water to cover the pasta

-Add salt to water

-Put in microwave for 5-6 minutes, watch vigilantly, making sure it doesn’t overflow

-In another bowl, put 2 strips of bacon, cut up in pieces

-Heat in microwave for 2 minutes

-Take out of microwave and wipe out grease. Add garlic, then put back in for 30 sec

-Add garlic and bacon the the pasta and mix together

-Add pepper

-Top with lots of cheese ­čÖé


I Have More Things to Say, but I’ll Tell You Later Because I’m Tired

So, I made myself dinner tonight.

I think it’s pretty classy for microwave cooking!

Anyway, here is the recipe, because why not?


Angle hair pasta

Olive oil

Garlic Salt



What to do:

1. Break the angel hair pasta into quarters and put in a glass measuring cup (2 cups).

2. Fill water to until pasta is mostly covered. Add salt and a tiny bit of olive oil.

3. Heat in microwave for five minutes, let stand, then heat for another 2 minutes (watch that it doesn’t flow over)

4. Stir pasta, test to make sure it’s cooked through.

5. In another bowl, mix together ham (cut up), peas, garlic slat, and some olive oil. Heat for 30-45 seconds

6. Mix with pasta and add cheese to tastes ­čÖé


Good Night!