When Your USB Makes You Irrationally Angry

It wasn’t doing anything wrong. My USB was just sitting happily in my backpack. But looking at it reminded me of all the work I had to do and had yet not yet done. The deadline looked over the 2nd year LARCH students as they struggled through rendering after rendering. Sleep deprived eyes staring intently at the glowing screens. This project was the biggest thing we’ve had to put together thus far. Needless to say, we also spent a record number of hours working out all the details to put together our presentation boards that were due in less than a week. I’m sure anyone in the major can attest to the stress of upcoming deadlines. I mean, so much fun. Actually we are all emotionally drained. Sitting on your butt all day can be tiring. Anyway, here are some cool pics of my presentation board and such.

Here is my final presentation board:


And here are some lovely close-ups of my drawings:

COPY OF100 Scale siteTHIS ONE

This is master plan of the full site with the different farm areas


This is a smaller-scale plan of the 5-acre campus with buildings and a parking lot

Here are some cool perspectives that I drew (not quite to scale)Cafe persepcifaijPerspective front


Also, there was one day that I just gave up on life so my section drawing turned into someting…else…Just kidding section


In other news, there is now a giant hole in North Halls.


Have a nice day!


Post Script:

I started this yesterday. So I must add on that it SNOWED today. In APRIL! SNOW! What?

IMG_9686 IMG_9689 IMG_9693

Also, my friends and I went to Sadie’s Specialty Waffle Shop (Or something like that. I can’t quite remember the name but if you’re ever in the area, check it out! So delicious!)

The Long Weekend

What an exciting weekend it’s been! Sunday was especially eventful! Some of my cool friends and I decided to go on a little adventure, and after much discussion, decided on Bald Eagle State Park. We set off for the day, first stopping at Sheetz for breakfast and observing a woman who walked in to fill up a concerningly large beverage mug.
It was already warm as we started off on our hike. The bugs were plentiful and nosy. The trail we took, coincidentally, led past the Nature Inn which went in and walked around. I gave them a little tour, since I’d been the the inn on multiple occasions. It was also relief from the now sweltering day.


Our hike ended where it began, at the beach area. The lake was quite refreshing! It’s super weird being off campus, even for part of a day.
That evening, my roommates and I decided to spontaneously make a blanket fort and watch Steven Universe and Jimmy Neutron. So that’s what we did. And, I must say that this is a pretty fantastic fort.



Cardboard Models and Blanket Forts

So since my last post, some exciting stuff has happened. I went to my first ever club gymnastics meet at Ohio State. I also went to my second ever club gymnastics meet at JMU. Both meets went very well in my opinion. At Ohio State, I got 1st on bars, 1st on floor, and 3rd in the all around and Penn State Men’s and Women’s teams got FIRRRST! woo! Very exciting! The JMU meet wasn’t as great for the girls team (we came in third), but not too shabby I say. I got 2nd in the all around! yay!

Here are some pictures of me doing my thing at Ohio State:








So studio is getting very exciting. We are doing actual work! By that, I mean building models, which I like to do. We are learning about different “archetypal landscapes,” and building ‘rip and tear’ models to demonstrate each of the archetypes we learned. There are six:

Sky: It is a space that feels open and free, kinda like a sky on the ground


Sea: A landscape where you feel immersed


Promontory: One landscape that sticks out into another landscape


Harbor: The viewer feels safe (the back is protected), looking out at an expanding landscape


Island: Probably self explanatory. A patch of one landscape type, surrounded completely by another


Cave: A protected landscape with a strong overhead plane and a controlled view to the outside


I thoroughly enjoy my stick figure scale people.

Surprisingly, not much has happened in the last…3 weeks? Something like that. The only thing that happened was that I realized what a terrible mistake it is to go home for two weekends in a row. Why? Well I missed these two back-to-back weekends for meets. Both times, I erroneously believed that I would actually do anything productive over the weekend. I did nothing. I don’t have much of an excuse for that, but I was tired.

In other news, I have joined the PSU Ukulele Club.

Also, I have been gradually expanding the blanket fort I have created at the head of my bed. Here is a picture:


If you’re wondering, I am building this blanket for to block out desk lights when I’m trying to sleep and my fellow roommates are not. So far, it is working.

One More Week! (And a little bit more)

Today starts the final week of classes. That’s pretty crazy. I’m very excited to be almost done with my first semester of college ever. It’s sort of unreal in a way, because I still don’t feel like I should be allowed to be responsible for myself. I mean, the other morning I sat on the floor for ten minutes, debating on whether I should wear my rain jacket or my winter coat. But, at least I can do my own laundry now!


A studio update!

We are working on our final project, which is a presentation “board” with some of our work from the semester. The photos have to be arranged in some kind of way that they make sense and has a nice “flow.” The hand drawn layout is due today. The during class, we are learning InDesign, which is an Adobe program that I suspect is for making posters.


The layout for my board. It’s really messy, but that’s ok. I am titling it, “I Waste So Much Trace” (like trace paper). It’s catchy.

What else…

We finished decorating our room, and I must say, it looks pretty classy.


The snowflakes on the left wall are post-it notes

Here it with the lights off.


And another thing. The crows have come to roost. There is a length of Shortlidge (which I still don’t know how to spell correctly) where the sidewalk is covered in so much bird poop-splatter that it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. I guess the crows have fancied this row of trees next to the sidewalk for their nightly rest. And it’s not just a few crows–It’s like hundreds. They just sit there in huge, dense masses, waiting for innocent pedestrians. You think I’m making this up, but it’s real. I was walking down this section of the sidewalk and I could hear the birds doing their thing. Every night. Poop is raining from the sky.

I would’ve taken a picture but I don’t think it would be as appreciated a one of Pollock’s works so I’ll use it as a stand-in.

Number 8, 1949

The accuracy of this to the sidewalk is incredible though.


Aaand We’re Back

Well, I’m back. (From break that is). And, oh joy, classes start up again tomorrow. So that’s fun. Just a quick thing: I updated my post about thanksgiving. The post with the cool video that you should watch.

Anyway. I guess there isn’t all that much to say. All the snow has melted which makes me sad because I was actually looking forward to walking to class in the snow. I know I could spend this extra time I have doing homework or something, but as per usual, I’m procrastinating.

Today, my roommate and I started decorating our dorm (Whilst listening to festive music, of course) to get our dorm into the Christmas spirit! Here is a lovely picture of our progress:


Unfortunately our dorm is still hesitant to make us feel warm in cozy because right now it is freezing in here (figuratively speaking). But seriously. We were told-really we heard rumors-that the head would come on after Thanksgiving break. That was apparently was a lie. To sum up with a Spongebob reference (and because there is always a good time for a Spongebob reference):

HAHA! It’s funny because it’s true.

Also, I noticed that at the bottom middle edge of the picture of my dorm, there are two fuzzy white blobs. I realized that they look like giant cotton balls out of context, but they are actually the tops of my new snow boots!

That is all.


Wearing Red on Game Day, and Other Great Ideas

I guess I should follow through with my other post and tell you the rest of what I have to say.

In the way of studio homework, here is my latest accomplishment (actually, it’s not quite finished in this picture):



Our assignment was to draw this water tower:IMG_5042

But the catch is, we could only draw the negative spaces. We had to draw the shapes where the empty spaces were (where there is no water tower), instead of the positive spaces. The most difficult part was not thinking in terms of where the water tower is but where its not. To put it another way, instead of drawing the beams and wires, I had to draw the triangle looking shaped hole that the beams and wires made when they crossed. Too confusing? That’s too bad.

They wanted us to draw on site, so I did. And it took a really long time.

Actually, funny story about that. On Saturday night (actually I should say evening because ‘night’ sounds like I’m drawing in the dark and I was not doing that), I decided to get a head start on my drawing. I was only going to stay for maybe an hour but I ended up staying for two. In that time, I had many visitors.

Well… Maybe I was drawing in the dark…


The next day, I decided that my first drawing looked like poo and decided to start over (That was a painful decision). It was a lovely Sunday, sitting on the patio outside of Stuckeman, alone with my thoughts. Suddenly, I was interrupted by this guy who came up to me asking if I had camped out in front of Stuckeman. To which I replied that, I no I had gone back to my dorm and slept and ate a lot of food, before returning in the morning. I got back to my drawing, then, another guy came up and asked me if I stayed all night. I had two different people who seemed to think it was a rational thing to just sleep on the ground by the architecture building. Like, what if I had to go to the bathroom. And obviously, I would want food. Those are but minor holes in an otherwise very logical theory. But whatever. I guess I’m a pretty dedicated artist. 🙂

Last night, I went to a rally at Old Main, and took this great picture.

IMG_5061I apologize for being completely out of the loop with what exactly happened because, if you know me well (or even not that well) you know that I am not paying attention for half of the time, and the other half is spent eating. So, what I was told is that the bans against Joe Paterno and his winning history were lifted early. Again, I apologize for not knowing what is going on.

Here is my latest studio work (This is different than homework because it’s done during class):



Ooob. Doesn’t it look super exciting? That is a…….. Shoot, I can’t remember what it’s called. Oops. Well, it’s a perspective grid thing that can be used to visualize how things will fit in a space and how the heights of everything will look. It’s super confusing and took everyone a while to figure out. It’s actually a pretty nifty thing, but I can’t explain it at all.

So here is a lovely photo that perfectly depicts the life of the club gymnast:


This is how I dried my leotards, because I didn’t feel like putting them in the dryer. I mean a whole fifty cents?! That’s asking too much. I didn’t have anywhere else to hang them.





Oh, and an incredibly awkward moment I had on the day of the football game. I knew it was happening, and for some reason I decided to wear this shirt:


BUT WAIT! It gets better.

I forgot I was wearing that shirt and decided to go down town to the drug store and the grocery store. I quickly realized that I was a bright red spot in a sea of blue and white. Luckily, I had by blue rain coat with me because it had just rained. Unluckily, I had to run to the drug store because they were closing in fifteen minutes. Why was this unlucky? Well, running in a raincoat is just unpleasant because if it’s not raining and cold, you start to sweat – a lot. And I didn’t want to take the raincoat off so I kept running and I kept sweating.

The good news is that I got to the drug store on time.


Move in Day

First of all, please enjoy this terribly grainy photo of me and my sister behind the lovely packing job.


Today’s the day! The day when you are torn from your sheltered life and throw into a world of strange people and new places.

But not really.

It’s actually been pretty pleasant. I unpacked my many belongings and then went out shopping for this stressfully long and ambiguous list of art things I – allegedly – need for studio on Wednesday. I feel I need to inform you that this list was first available to us on the Wednesday that had just passed. So after running around with only partial success in completing the list, I, along with my parents, headed back to the dorms. After they left, our floor gathered in the stairwell and headed over to Warnock Commons for a group dinner. That was nice, although I always forget to check out all my dining options and end up with too many plates on my tray.

When the conversation died down and people had left, the remaining consumers (including myself) returned to the dorms. I got to do my favorite thing, which wast to organize all my stuff! Also, I got to know my roommates and they are all awesome! Anyway, here are some lovely pictures of my room.



Here, you can see a lovely view of my bed all made up. The two pictures on the wall are of Bowie the Dog and Rosabell the Cat. You can see where my priorities lie.



And here, you see my desk, adorn with colorful paintings, photos, and knick knacks. I also feel the need to emphasize my proximity to the Microfridge.

And finally, a close up of my desk with my screen open to the blog post that I am writing right now (although it’s hard to tell with the glare)