I’m Done, and It’s Weird

I’m like, DONE done. Graduated. Gone. I own Penn State nothing. And it feels really weird. Because for five long years, I spent hours in studio and stressing about all the things I have to do.

Schreyer Medal Ceremony

Friday afternoon was the medal ceremony for the Schreyer Honors College. Before the ceremony was a reception held in Pegula Ice area. The food was sub-par. The ceremony itself was not too bad. For some reason, it was held in the BJC instead of a smaller venue. All the graduates were shuffled into a basketball gym off to the side of the main floor and given cards with numbers which we used to organize our selves in alphabetical order. That didn’t take too long, but we then had to wait for quite some time before the ceremony started. I found Nate (my buddy from club gymnastics) amongst the crowd we got a lovely pic together.

There were over 400 graduates. When they read our name, we walked across the stage, shook a bunch of hands (including president Barron), received our medal and went over to a medal tie-er who velcro-ed it around our necks. I got mine tied by one of my favorite professors which was really nice (even though he put it on backwards!). That was it. Minimal fanfare. It was nice. I am now officially the 3rd generation of my family to graduate with honors! Check out this photo!

Actual Graduation

The Arts and Architecture pre-graduation reception was way classier than Schreyer’s. There was quality food and a live band jazzing up the morning. Also, I actually knew everyone, which makes events like this much more enjoyable! We all socialized and took lots of pictures. Then, at 11:30, we started the procession from the under the water tower by Stuckeman to Eisenhower Auditorium. Some of the parents followed along.

The ceremony itself was pretty short. Only an hour or so. The dean of the college mentioned me in her her graduation speech! She talked about my adoption memorial and whatnot. I already knew about it but kept it a secret from my family as a surprise! Needless to say they were surprised! The LARCHies got to walk first. We just walked across the stage and shook more hands and walked off. I sorta thought we might get some fake piece of paper but nope. Oh well, it was still quite nice. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I started this blog! I’ve done so many cool things! I am happy to be done though.

After graduation, my family and Logs had a little get together. I’m so happy that so much of my family (on both sides) and friends came to see me walk across a stage! I appreciate and love all of you very much! 🙂

In the evening, Log and I went out on the town. We went out with Ben to Cafe 210 on College Ave. Our friends joined us later on. We had a great time and I drank a whole alcohol! Not too bad!

So now I’m home. But not for long! Tomorrow, very early in the morning, my mom and I are jet setting off to China! That’s right! I’m going to visit my birth(?)city and do some sight seeing and eat all the noodles.

Oh, look! It’s me and my beautiful sister!

LABASH 2018 at Penn State

I finally have the time to write some new blog posts! Woo! The end of the semester is quickly approaching! Tomorrow is my final presentation for my studio in Baltimore which is very exciting! Not so exciting? We have to leave at 6 AM (That is early for college students). I guess that’s not as bad as waking up at 3:30 AM to board the plane back to Pittsburgh (But you’ll hear about that in a later post). There are going to be many posts coming your way, but let’s start where I think I left off.


Wow! What an insane weekend. And tiring. very tiring. It was basically two full days of presentations and workshops by professionals in our field. And boy did we score some professional professionals. In terms of notoriety, we had a lot. Gina Ford, Susannah Drake, Ken Smith, David Rubin, Claudia West. Lots of important people. And its so strange that they are all here in not-that-exciting-compared-to-the-fancy-cities-they-work-in State College, Pennsylvania. I’m not going lie, part of me wondered what kind of incentives they had to come here. But regardless, it was exciting. The opening ceremony was at the State Theatre and I got to see my logo displayed on the big screen which was supremely cool.

2018-04-05 17.28.58

I also got to design the pin! (remember that?) it looks like this:


So Logan decided to make a giant wooden seal of my design to display all weekend:

2018-04-07 12.07.45

He is quite a character!

He also helped make this awesome palette wall:

2018-04-07 17.00.57-2.jpg

I couldn’t resist a handstand

The weekend consisted of listening to lectures and running around looking busy and getting shooed away by people more important than I haha.

also notice how all the volunteers had bright green shirts. We were referred to as the green shirts all weekend which then got truncated to ‘the shirts’.

After that was over I finally had time to relax right?

WRONG. (See next blog post)

Snow Day!

Today was a crazy and magical day, because for the first time since my freshman year, classes were canceled due to inclement weather!!! Woo! And you know what my friends and I did? Not homework. We went sledding! The hot spot for sledding is behind the baseball stadium. Super fun! Here are some pictures:

Like typical college kids, we used the classic dumpster card board sled. We also used a “flexible flyer” sled borrowed from my grandparents. See we were all smiling because we are trying not to think about how cold it was outside.


And all that sledding, and especially the walking back up the hill tired us all out. 🙂

The THON Experience


You can’t tell because I’m short but this line is very very long. These are all the groups waiting to go into the BJC and LASS was at the back of the line.


I know that I’m not as involved or excited about THON as most of the other people at this school. However, I decided that this year I was going to actually do the THON experience. I went with LASS (landscape architecture student society) and got passes to enter right at 4:00 when the BJC was open for business. Unfortunately, as many people involved in LASS THON (so many acronyms!) were also involved in THON ORGS (organizations that are exclusively for raising money and supporting THON families) there were only four of us available to wait in line with our giant foam letters. We waited in this line probably for a good hour and a half before being able to enter the BJC. Once inside, we pick a section of seats and sat down until everyone had to stand. If you are confused as to what THON is, this is my interpretation: THON is 46 hour dance marathon. The dancers, who represent the different THON organizations, student clubs and fraternities, must stay on their feet and awake for 46 hours. All the clubs and orgs and such stand in the audience supporting and watching the different entertainers that may perform throughout the weekend. It’s quite a spectacle. I personally don’t think its all that healthy to be awake and not able to sit down for two days but its all FTK (for the kids).

But back to my story which isn’t really all that exciting. So we put our giant foam letters in the seats. These are letters that the different groups in the stand hold up to identify their location and show the dancers on the floor that they are still there in the stands. Anyway, we didn’t actually hold up our letters because there were four of us and five letters. You may be wondering, “doesn’t ‘LASS’ only have 4 letters?” Yes but we didn’t want to be responsible for the word that would result if the person holding the “L” were to sit down. So we went with LARCH instead.

Some super exciting and cool things that I got to do/see:

  1. I learned the infamous “line dance” this year. It’s a choreographed dance that is taught to everyone and performed about every hour to make sure everyone keeps moving and stays wake and all that. It’s pretty difficult to pick up because it’s actually pretty long. It’s fun though! Here is a pic from the line dance:_dsc1402
  2. I was DNCE perform! I am not a huge fan of their music but they perform the song “Cake by the Ocean” which is very popular. Also, Joe Jonas who was a childhood Disney star is the lead singer in the band and it’s always cool to see famous people. They were great but it got a little strange when they started doing some questionable looking…’dance moves’ I guess you’d call it and it was definitely not something that small children should’ve witnessed. Other than that, great performance!_dsc1387 _dsc1371
  3. So the real reason I wanted to go to THON was to watch my amazing and talented friends from @PSUkulele perform! I wished I could’ve been on stage with them but I forgot to audition. (oops). Anyway, getting to perform on the THON stage is a pretty coveted position and I am so so proud of them! Our club has really come a long way in the few short years I’ve been in it! Here are the videos (ps you should subscribe):

    Also I took a million pictures of them but only a few cam out ok:_dsc1472_dsc1492 _dsc1497

In total, I stayed for about 9 hours which is nothing compared to most of the people I the stands, but I’m still glad I stayed for long enough to actually get a feel for what it means to be awake and standing for almost two full days.


A Whirlwind of Weather

What a roller coaster of weather! Wednesday night last week it snowed 8 inches! It was so magical that the university actually delayed classes until 10:00! Obviously we were hoping for a cancellation but whatever, I guess I can trek through the snow to get to class. (just kidding I took the bus). Then, two days later, it was a sweltering 60 degrees (or something ridiculous). Nearly all the snow has melted and now it’s raining. Of course, I was in beautiful sunny Virginia for a gymnastics meet.


jmu_02jmu_01Yes, finally competition season is in full swing. The Club Gymnastics team drove down to James Madison University for our first meet of the year! It was chaotic to say the least. But at least my lovely parents and my sister (who tagged along to surprise me despite being sick) were there :). We didn’t do too shabby! Girls A team placed 2nd and Men’s team placed 1st!!! Woo! I myself also did pretty well, having a no-fall meet and placing 1st on bars, 5th on beam (somehow?!) and 2nd in the all around!

This weekend is THON! And Penn State students are getting antsy to dance their pants off and stay awake and standing for much longer than any doctor would recommend. This year, PSUkulele gets to perform during the 46 hours of non-stop festivities! I am not performing because I forgot to audition but I am still very excited!!!

If you are curious as to why I haven’t talked much about studio this semester, it is because we have all been in a state of constant confusion since the beginning of the semester.

Also, in my photography class I took a very nice picture of Parsley.


The Not-So-Horrible Stadium Cleanup, and Other Things That Happened

So last weekend the weeked before last (becuase I had actually started writing this post before last weekend) I had my SECOND stadium cleanup of the year and I promise you that I won’t go on a super long rant this time. We actually finished an hour earlier (1:00 PM instead of 2:00) because we had way more people and were slightly more organized. There were also almost no streamers which was wonderful and it hadn’t rained the night before so all the food and stuff wasn’t soggy and wet. And that’s all I have to say about that! (Suprised? So am I).
So since I have really put off this post for a long time, I am just listing the things that have happened in the last 2 and a half weeks:
1.The homecoming parade featuring Keegan Michael Key. Also, my uncle was in the alumni blue band.


2. Stadium cleanup


3. I took this pretty picture of a dead bird in the sunset


4. I went to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (and they were AMAZING and so punny!!!)


5. We had our first field trip in ecology. We are learning about the spring creek watershed




6. PSUkulele played at Hershey Medical Center
Then we went to Hershey’s Chocolate World where they were handing out trick or treat bags to all the little kids and they gave me one.
On the ride home, we saw a double rainbow



6.5. It was also parent’s weekend and my lovely family came up to visit 🙂

7. I spent all of my Monday and Tuesday in studio working on a project that was due Wednesday



We were designing a garden that celebrated rain. This project was a big part of the reason that I hadn’t been posting.

8. We went on our second ecology fiend trip



And now you’re mostly caught up!

Things and Stuff

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think we’re past the point where I need to apologize for not posting for so long because by now you may have noticed a severe lack of posts for this semester. I suppose that is due to the fact that I am taking a full load and, I gotta tell you, a full load is basically like pushing a wheel barrel full of bricks up a steep hill. If you stop to rest for too long, the wheel barrel will roll all the way back down the hill. (Ok that may be an over-exaggeration…).

Any who! So may be you have heard, but Sate College is getting a lot of snow. This is very exciting for me because I love snow and even though I live well within a day’s driving distance from State College, we receive much less snow at home.

Here are some pictures of said snow:



Nice 🙂

So here’s what I’ve been doing for studio:

First of all, I finished my final ‘board’ for our first project, which was looking for point, line, plane, and volume in a space. You don’t really have to understand what the assignment was, just look at my pretty layout!




And now, I’m working in wood shop making a stupid box. We have to make this box to be ‘certified’ to use to wood shop. I am not very good at wood shop, partly because I’m afraid of the table saw.

Here is my box so far (I’m not done yet):


But what an artsy picture!

In other news, I am competing at my first club gymnastics meet this weekend and I’m very excited!

I Technically Went to A Football Game

Part 1 of more than 1

Yes, I know it’s been quite some time since my last post but good news is I now have plenty to say! So much that I am breaking all the exciting happenings into separate installments. I also wouldn’t want to have anybody read as many words in one sitting as I intend to write (and I, of course, do not want to write all those words in one sitting).

IMG_5357So, football. For those who know me well (or not even that well), you know that I am not one to attend large social events of my own volition. And, for this reason, many people have made me promise to go to a home game. Well, last weekend, I did go to a football game…technically.

Let me explain. See, I didn’t buy season tickets and was too lazy to one of the various, popular methods of otherwise obtaining a ticket. Then opportunity struck! Actually, it struck pretty early on, but as with most of the time I am awake, I was not paying attention. Remember back to the end of September when I posted about stadium clean-up and was complaining about how much waste there was? Well, a relative who works for the university to this professor who is in charge of this sustainability program called “Zero-Waste Ambassadors.” He told my relative that I could be part of the program. This basically meant that I would be in the suites during the football games helping people put their waste in the right bins at the waste station (which is trash cans designated for different things all lined up in a row and labeled). My relative sent me what the professor had said, but I skipped over the word suite so I was picturing myself standing on the concourse, yelling at all the rowdy fans the throw their trash away while also trying not to get run over at half-time. With this image in my head, the job didn’t sound all that appealing.

However, more recently, it was explained to me that I would be working in the suites. As in, the President’s Box (and the other rooms) telling fancy people in which bins to put what trash. So that’s how I got into a football game for free.

Now on to the experience:


Sea of RVs

I walked down the road toward Beaver Stadium, along with rest of the football-goers. The only difference was, I had to wear nice clothes. Small digression: The nice pants I bought (since I don’t own nice pants) are actually supposed to be capri-length, but I’m short enough that they fit like pants on me. Anyway, I walked past the sea of RVs and headed to the suites entrance. Actually, that part wasn’t so exciting so I won’t go in to detail about it.

The suites are a completely different world from the rowdy crowd below. These people are classy. There are TVs everywhere showing the game live, and through the station and probably in other formats but I don’t know that much about football. I mostly watched the game on the televisions, but I got some peeks from the floor to ceiling windows.IMG_5362

Being a “Zero-Waste Ambassador” actually turned out to be not a bad gig. I thought that people would find it insulting for us to think they needed help sorting their trash out, but it turns out, it’s pretty confusing for most people to figure out where there trash needed to go. That’s not really their fault though. It seems self-explanatory. Each bin even has little pictures of what can go in each bin, along with a short description, but it’s still confusing. Especially when it comes to the utensils. The eating ware used in the suites is all biodegradable. The cups, straws, plates, and forks are all made of material that will eventually decompose. It makes sense that plates could be compostable, but the forks and spoons trip people up. They look and feel like plastic, but are actually corn-based, so they are compostable (pretty nifty, I think). Some people just don’t get that though, even after you tell them it is compostable. They put it in the plastics bin anyway and I have to fish it out. I don’t know why they can’t have a bigger sign that say “the silverware is compostable,” but apparently that is easier said than done. I honestly don’t know how much impact I and the other trash ambassadors have in reducing waste because remember, the amount of waste generated in the suites (while quite a lot) is incomparable with what the masses generate:

IMG_5174 IMG_5171

It’s unfortunate that it is so difficult to implement recycling programs, or make it easier for people to recycle.

When the game was over, it was funny to watch the streams of people flowing out of the stadium. They looked like ants and it was funny so I took a picture.

IMG_5371 IMG_5372


Wearing Red on Game Day, and Other Great Ideas

I guess I should follow through with my other post and tell you the rest of what I have to say.

In the way of studio homework, here is my latest accomplishment (actually, it’s not quite finished in this picture):



Our assignment was to draw this water tower:IMG_5042

But the catch is, we could only draw the negative spaces. We had to draw the shapes where the empty spaces were (where there is no water tower), instead of the positive spaces. The most difficult part was not thinking in terms of where the water tower is but where its not. To put it another way, instead of drawing the beams and wires, I had to draw the triangle looking shaped hole that the beams and wires made when they crossed. Too confusing? That’s too bad.

They wanted us to draw on site, so I did. And it took a really long time.

Actually, funny story about that. On Saturday night (actually I should say evening because ‘night’ sounds like I’m drawing in the dark and I was not doing that), I decided to get a head start on my drawing. I was only going to stay for maybe an hour but I ended up staying for two. In that time, I had many visitors.

Well… Maybe I was drawing in the dark…


The next day, I decided that my first drawing looked like poo and decided to start over (That was a painful decision). It was a lovely Sunday, sitting on the patio outside of Stuckeman, alone with my thoughts. Suddenly, I was interrupted by this guy who came up to me asking if I had camped out in front of Stuckeman. To which I replied that, I no I had gone back to my dorm and slept and ate a lot of food, before returning in the morning. I got back to my drawing, then, another guy came up and asked me if I stayed all night. I had two different people who seemed to think it was a rational thing to just sleep on the ground by the architecture building. Like, what if I had to go to the bathroom. And obviously, I would want food. Those are but minor holes in an otherwise very logical theory. But whatever. I guess I’m a pretty dedicated artist. 🙂

Last night, I went to a rally at Old Main, and took this great picture.

IMG_5061I apologize for being completely out of the loop with what exactly happened because, if you know me well (or even not that well) you know that I am not paying attention for half of the time, and the other half is spent eating. So, what I was told is that the bans against Joe Paterno and his winning history were lifted early. Again, I apologize for not knowing what is going on.

Here is my latest studio work (This is different than homework because it’s done during class):



Ooob. Doesn’t it look super exciting? That is a…….. Shoot, I can’t remember what it’s called. Oops. Well, it’s a perspective grid thing that can be used to visualize how things will fit in a space and how the heights of everything will look. It’s super confusing and took everyone a while to figure out. It’s actually a pretty nifty thing, but I can’t explain it at all.

So here is a lovely photo that perfectly depicts the life of the club gymnast:


This is how I dried my leotards, because I didn’t feel like putting them in the dryer. I mean a whole fifty cents?! That’s asking too much. I didn’t have anywhere else to hang them.





Oh, and an incredibly awkward moment I had on the day of the football game. I knew it was happening, and for some reason I decided to wear this shirt:


BUT WAIT! It gets better.

I forgot I was wearing that shirt and decided to go down town to the drug store and the grocery store. I quickly realized that I was a bright red spot in a sea of blue and white. Luckily, I had by blue rain coat with me because it had just rained. Unluckily, I had to run to the drug store because they were closing in fifteen minutes. Why was this unlucky? Well, running in a raincoat is just unpleasant because if it’s not raining and cold, you start to sweat – a lot. And I didn’t want to take the raincoat off so I kept running and I kept sweating.

The good news is that I got to the drug store on time.


Class Tomorrow

I’m gonna make this quick, because I’m tired and classes start tomorrow.

Today we had the general welcome and meet and greet/ice cream social for the Arts and Architecture College. It was interesting, for the most part. I mean, there was ice cream a “free” t-shirt so, it certainly wasn’t a waste of time (but in all seriousness, I did learn some interesting things about A&A and LARCH. For example, there are about 34 incoming freshmen in landscape architecture). IMG_4973

I also did something incredibly brave today. I voluntarily went to a pep rally-and I enjoyed it! In the past, I have not really enjoyed pep rallies because I went to a pretty small high school and was a part of an unenthusiastic grade. Also, I could never understand what the people were talking about, because it was in the gym, which has the worst acoustics (and which have yet to be fixed, along with the leaking roof).

I’m running out of steam, so here are the pictures.

IMG_4974 IMG_4978


And here is a picture of me people-watching from behind a branch: