Spring Break in Savannah

[Written I think two weeks ago]

Spring break is now over and the clocks have already jumped ahead. I’m currently sitting in the Intramural Building, chilling out while Logan and Ben play what I’m sure is a rousing game of racket ball. Before that, we attempted some of the climbs on the bouldering wall but were met with minimal success. Very fit people in leggings and sneakers and tank tops keep walking by and making me feel super lazy as I sit on my laptop. It’s ok. I have practice tonight.

Over spring break, I traveled down to Savannah to look at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) accompanied by my best buddy Log. I got the rejection letter from RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design) a few days before but its just as well because it’s much easier for me to make a decision. And guess what. Savannah and SCAD are both wonderful! That means that YES! I am going to grad school for industrial design! I cannot wait!

Logan and I flew in on Sunday and got to stay with my aunt in her super cool and old house. It poured all evening. We tried to go to the Crystal Beer Parlor, apparently a local food favorite, but even in the rain it was an hour wait. So we got tacos.

The next morning, Log and I walked around the historic district. I took some pics with my new lens. We ate breakfast at Clary’s which was delicious! Then walked over to the SCAD Admissions office where the tour started. The inside of this building is SWANKY. There is funky decor and bright colors. I got a cool lanyard. Here is a picture of the room we started in. Logan kept saying the tables were “substantial”.

2019-03-04 09.15.33

So I’ve been on a lot of tours and let me tell you, the SCAD tour was easily the best organized and most helpful one I’ve ever been on. The campus itself is spread across the city in 80 or so different buildings, most of which have been historic and renovated. So instead of the usual walking backward tour guide, we went on a shuttle. We got to see the fibers building, the animation building, and the industrial design building.

Then we walked around town. I love all the trees.

2019-03-04 12.27.02

In the evening, Logan and I went to the Crystal Beer Parlor. I got shrimp and grits and it was so delicious but it has milk in it and my belly was not too happy. It was worth it.

2019-03-04 19.21.19

I am so so so excited to be going to grad school! And, that means I get to keep my blog for longer! Yay!




Spring Break, Spring Ahead

Where is this “Spring” anyway. It is a cool 30 degrees Fahrenheit right now in always partially sunny State College. Despite the cold, I have been busy over the break. (It is now the Friday of my first week back at school).

Painting Underwater

I was very excited for spring break because I got to paint a lot of furniture and try out my cute new electric sander. (Thanks internet!)

I painted a small shelf and table in an “under water” theme, which was an interesting and new challenge since the only things I’ve really painted are flowers.

Here are some progress pics of the shelf:

And here are the final pics of the table and the shelf:



Android Defector

I broke my iPhone screen right before break, and my nice mother offered to buy me a new one. I have been considering the switch from Apple to Samsung for a long time and after an extremely long case of indecision, I finally decided to try out android. It’s taking me a little getting used to but I think the switch was worth it and that battery life is no joke.


More bird pics!


Time for a Short Break

I have been pretty busy over break, even though I did a very very minimal amount of school work.

Bookshelf in the Style of Frida Kahlo

This took FOREVER. But I did it! Actually I need to go put another layer of clear coat on it soon. Anyway, this book shelf is a Frida Kahlo-esque painting. Her life was actually kind of depressing so her art has some macabre undertones but I tried to avoid the depressing art since it is a piece of furniture that people will be looking at and I also didn’t want to paint depressing things.

So here it is. The pictures are not great quality but that’s ok. (PS you should follow Creative Wake on Facebook cause I guess I’m now a shameless self-promoter. Sigh. LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE)

A Visit to the Governor’s Mansion

I figured since I was on break, I could stop by and check on my rain gardens. Everyone was so friendly! Hugs and everything! The rain gardens are actually in pretty good shape as well! Here are more terrible photos:

A Small Cat

Or “kitten” has made a home here for the week, while my sister is watching him for her friend. He is nice, but he climbs on my keyboard while I’m typinaefj; adf. At least he’s cute…

Update, he just sat down on my computer:

Oh, and Thanksgiving was lovely and delicious. Dinner at the grandparents in State College.

So that’s about it. I have to go back to school tomorrow 😦 Ugh. It’s fine. Two more weeks.

My Third Spring Break

Well I have really been quite terrible about keeping everyone updated on my happenings. But then again, everyone said that this year would be the most difficult and time consuming year of all and I have yet to disagree. A majority of my meals last weekend consisted of chicken tenders from the commons and breakfast sandwiches from Au Bon Pain. After a grueling couple of weeks, I have finally reached that beautiful checkpoint of spring break. YAY! So, here is what I have been so busy with that I didn’t have the time to let you all know:

Studio Stuff

Our latest studio project was a to design a mixed-use community with different housing types and a commercial district. I designed a community that gave creative and educational opportunities to lower-income people. I wanted to call it “the starving artist community” but felt like that was too on the nose. Haha. Anyway, here is a pdf of my project boards if you are so inclined to view them 🙂 [EDIT: Just kidding, it’s not a PDF anymore it’s a document viewer]


Our next project will be on the “scenic” Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. If you are unaware (as I was) this canal is not scenic. It smells. And apparently has a dark sludge residing in its murky bottom which is affectionately called “black molasses”. We’re going on a site visit soon, so that should be interesting.


The last assignment we submitted for photography was a “narrative.” The goal was to create scenes that told some kind of story that the viewer didn’t understand. Think sci-fi fantasy kind of deal or The Twilight Zone but in color. Here are the two photos that I submitted:

My next assignment is to choose a photographer (famous) and imitate their style. I chose Ansel Adams who photographed beautiful landscapes of California and the South West in black and white. I almost feel bad trying to copy them because mine are no where near that caliber. Also, I need some mountains.

Apartment Life

So you may or may not know that my lovely little apartment is not equipped with a washer and dryer. I recently decided to start washing my clothes in the bathroom and hanging them on a clothesline. This has proved largely inefficient due to living in a basement that is always slightly humid so that nothing every really dries. So, my dear mother decided to purchase me a tiny electric dryer and a crank washer. I am very excited to be washing clothes in my apartment and will update you on how everything works out!

Have a nice day!

Winter Break is Over…

So I still have not leaned my lesson about backing up all  my files to multiple places. For Christmas, I bought/was gifted a very new, very fancy, very EXPENSIVE Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop. I’ve had it for maybe two months, and ya know what happened… THE MOTHERBOARD FREAKING DIED!!!!!!! It died over break, a few short days before I had to go back to school. After a extremely long and not super pleasant conversation (which mostly consisted of being on hold) I took it in to Best Buy to get it looked at and see what my options were. They are not great. And, I still haven’t been able to even try to get the information off of it because it has a stupid special tiny hard drive that not even Best Buy’s own Geek Squad has the compatible hardware for. So that’s great. But probably what is most upsetting is that I put a bunch of cool stickers on my laptop which have now gone to waste.2017-01-04-12-40-02

Oh, how was my break, you ask? My break was splendid. Visited some old friends. Hung out with my lovely family before they all left for New Zealand after Christmas (with out ME I might add, since I had to go back to school before they planned to return but I’m not bitter or anything). Luckily, I didn’t have to spend New Year’s alone! The family of my charming boyfriend (yep… I have a boyfriend) let me stay with them for the week before school started! They were so nice and fed me a TON of food! And we went hiking on New Year’s day!
2017-01-01-11-01-07Also, before Christmas, I painted a table and chairs set for someone and they gave me money!!! You can look at it on my website: www.creativewakeart.wordpress.com (Also follow me on facebook hahaha. But I’m kinda serious. I even put a link). https://www.facebook.com/creativewakeart/

Unfortunately, I am now back at school. Sigh… Tomorrow is the first day of classes. Yaaaaaaay.

Skipping Out on Finals This Year

Not really. I actually only had a take-home final so I decided to come home. I am very happy to be home with my pets and my lovely parents (sister to arrive at a later date). However, the last few weeks were incredibly stressful. Also, Happy Thanksgiving because I forgot to post on the great day of giving thanks and watching dogs with makeup run around on a carpet. Saw “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” over the break. Loved it. Good stuff. Anyway. You may or may not be curious about what I’ve been up to in studio. I have be very terrible about posting things about my ongoing projects but this year has literally been terrible in terms of time for doing things other than studio.

Anyway, we have been doing a cool project in the Spring Creek Watershed (which is located in Centre County, PA) all semester. We are learning ArcGIS which is a cool and very difficult to figure out mapping software that lets us analyze and create different maps to help explain different features of the landscape we are studying, which is the Spring Creek Watershed. For most of the semester we did a bunch of analysis mini porjects that identified and analyzed things like the area’s topography, the different streams and how they were connected, the uderlying geology and how that informed what kind of soils were present in different parts of the landscape. I know it may sound boring but I thought it was super cool. So after a TON of analyzing things, we started coming up with a design solution to a problem in the watershed. I talked about forest fragmentation. Here is the final board for the project. There is a typo some where on the board. Don’t judge me. I was tired. Just click on the link cause I am too lazy to convert it to a JPEG. [EDIT: I am deleting things to create more storage space so can’t view these boards. HA. They were probably bad anyway.]

[Yep. The link is gone. Oh well.]

Also, if you’re curious, here is my honors project final that is a design of an agroforestry buffer.

[JK I deleted the link, sucka]

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Nova Scotia, Eh?

My family and two of our friends took a vacation to scenic Nova Scotia in Canada. I have written some tidbits of the exciting things we did and saw and what not.

Saturday 8/13/16

It is about 6:30 and we are driving back from Nova Scotia. We left yesterday and stayed in a hotel in Bangor, Maine. There is about an hour and 20 minutes left on this lengthy, grueling car ride and let me just tell you that my butt is in excruciating discomfort. They say that every hour of sitting takes away a decent chunk of your life and I’m pretty sure my life has shorted considerably after 9 hours of sitting. I recently invested in a fitbit and so far I have only taken 1,618 steps all day. That’s not a lot. Maybe I’ll do some jumping jacks when I get home. Oh man I am ready to get out of this car!

I’m sure that is not the introduction you wanted to start my post about my Nova Scotia vacation, but hey, this is my blog. So let’s start at the beginning instead.

We drove two days up and two days back. But at least we did some pretty interesting stuff in between. On the “notes” app on my phone, I briefly recorded the day’s activities. Here is what I wrote with a minimal amount of additional text and editing because I’m too lazy for that. Pictures are accompanied.

Our trip

2016-08-11 16.26.46

The Shubenacadie river at low tide. See how low the water is?!?! At high tide the bridge piers are mostly under water!


Today we went rafting on the tidal bore on the bay of Fundy. It was crazy! The tide literally looks like a wave that moves in. The tide change on the river we went on was like 20 feet or more! We had to walk in super sticky mud on the river bottom to get to the boats when we started. We also slid down the muddy banks at one place. We rode the swells created by the tidal bore movement over sand bars.






Our cottage, sans water

After the excitement of rafting, we headed to the little cottage where we were staying for most of the week.  However, before arriving, we found out the well has basically run out and we had to shower at a youth hostel about 30 min away. The house is really cute but it would be nicer if we had water.





Sunday 8/7/16

2016-08-07 16.37.21

Carter’s Beach

Today we hung around the house. I did a drawing while sitting on the dock and I am kinda happy with it. Later in the day we went to carter’s beach which was GORGEOUS.

Some guys came to fix our well so we got a little more water. Also we had a DELICIOUS breakfast at the port grocer.



Monday 8/8/16


Peggy’s Cove

We just visited Peggy’s cove and it looks like Yosemite but near the ocean. Glacial landscape with smooth granite slabs. There are signs EVERYWHERE warning people to not stand on the black rocks that are too close to the water because because people get swept off them by rogue waves and dies. Regardless, people could be seen standing within spitting distance of the water. Even though there were people everywhere, it was still amazing, I do like a good large sitting rock. Now we are going to Lunenburg (sp?) which is an old fishing village and UNESCO world heritage site.

Lunenburg was a cool place, but a little disappointing because most of the shops were closed. We did eat lobster at the Fish Shack though and that was delicious!

Tuesday 8/9/16


Port Medway Lighthouse

Today we walked to the port medway lighthouse and the grave yard. The light house was nice and we found some blueberry bushes that were ripe! In the afternoon we drove to Kejimkujic national park seashore and did a hike which was nice because there were a lot of cool plants and trees to identify! We even saw some pitcher plants which were really neat. Unfortunately there were horseflies everywhere! We played ukuleles after dinner and watched Date Night.

Wednesday 8/10/16

Today we are just hanging around the house finally! Emily, Katy, and I went kayaking after breakfast. It was beautiful of course. Now we’re chillin. Tried to look at the stars before we went to bed but the moon was too bright still. Did see a couple of shooting stars.



Thursday 8/11/16


Statue of “Evangeline,” who symbolizes the of survival of struggle and hardship. Not a real person.

Today we are leaving the house. We are stopping by Grand Pre where the Acadians were kicked out of Canada. Then we are going onward to a bed and bfast place that is close to the fossil cliffs at Jogins. I’m very excited for fossils!!!!

Let me tell you that learning about Grand Pre and the forced removal of the Acadian people really put a bummer on my day. Of course, it is an important piece of history that should not be over looked but still, so depressing and terrible to force these people who were actually doing nothing wrong and had made friends with the local natives and had a thriving subsistence community but then the British were like “I want this land, so get out.” Uncool man.

2016-08-11 20.16.55

Country Stiles B&B

The Country Stiles B&B, the bed and breakfast place we are staying at, is adorable! And the people were so nice! Very accommodating! Emily and I got to play an organ made in 1903!!!





Friday 8/12/16


Fossilized trunk

Today we went to the Jogins fossil cliffs! They were so cool! Fossils everywhere! I loved it! Took way too many pictures Hahahaha! Now we are starting our 5 hour drive across the border back into the US. We are stopping in Bangor Maine and then driving 9 hours tomorrow to go home!!!! I’m ready to go home!











There are a lot of spelling error probably but oh, well.