Starry, Starry Fence

Fence update! Remember when I told you I was painting a fence (for money)? Well it’s done now! This was done for Jennifer Storm, a victim rights advocate who lives in my neighborhood. She wanted a tribute for her father who fought in the Vietnam War. It started out with an American flag and the she said that Starry Night was her father’s favorite painting and I was like, OH YEAH. So for the mural, I incorporated some of the symbolism from his medals into a Starry Night scene. Here are some process photos:

2018-05-28 13.13.572018-05-28 14.11.162018-05-28 16.48.44

…And here is the final!

2018-06-16 14.45.20.jpg


One thought on “Starry, Starry Fence

  1. Hi, Zoe. I enlarged the font so I could read it, but some disappeared, and I only saw fragments of the pictures of the fence. That was quite a project.

    Your mom’s, aunts’, uncles’, and my friend Sissy Wiggin, who lives in Abiita Springs, was here yesterday. She spotted your tray on the kitchen wall, and admired it.



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