Skipping Out on Finals This Year

Not really. I actually only had a take-home final so I decided to come home. I am very happy to be home with my pets and my lovely parents (sister to arrive at a later date). However, the last few weeks were incredibly stressful. Also, Happy Thanksgiving because I forgot to post on the great day of giving thanks and watching dogs with makeup run around on a carpet. Saw “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” over the break. Loved it. Good stuff. Anyway. You may or may not be curious about what I’ve been up to in studio. I have be very terrible about posting things about my ongoing projects but this year has literally been terrible in terms of time for doing things other than studio.

Anyway, we have been doing a cool project in the Spring Creek Watershed (which is located in Centre County, PA) all semester. We are learning ArcGIS which is a cool and very difficult to figure out mapping software that lets us analyze and create different maps to help explain different features of the landscape we are studying, which is the Spring Creek Watershed. For most of the semester we did a bunch of analysis mini porjects that identified and analyzed things like the area’s topography, the different streams and how they were connected, the uderlying geology and how that informed what kind of soils were present in different parts of the landscape. I know it may sound boring but I thought it was super cool. So after a TON of analyzing things, we started coming up with a design solution to a problem in the watershed. I talked about forest fragmentation. Here is the final board for the project. There is a typo some where on the board. Don’t judge me. I was tired. Just click on the link cause I am too lazy to convert it to a JPEG. [EDIT: I am deleting things to create more storage space so can’t view these boards. HA. They were probably bad anyway.]

[Yep. The link is gone. Oh well.]

Also, if you’re curious, here is my honors project final that is a design of an agroforestry buffer.

[JK I deleted the link, sucka]

Enjoy the rest of your day!