Park(ing) Day and Other Ventures

Hello. It’s been a while. But I am finally getting around to another blog post after (mostly) recovering from a severe lack of sleep last Friday. You see, every year the Landscape Architecture Student Society — affectionately known as “LASS” — participates in this nation-wide event called “park(ing) day” to celebrate urban green spaces and to show that cities are a place for people, not just for cars! We do this by turning some parking spaces down town into a little park for people to sit in and enjoy. So why am I so tired? Well, to install our little park, we had to wake up a 4:30AM and start set up by 5:00 so our park would be ready for people to come. It’s really one of the only times I will happily wake up so early because setting up is always fun (you may remember my post from last year) and I think that little gestures like this are super important to promote awareness of green spaces and get people thinking. The park was named “Millenial Park” in celebration of our generation. There were lots of places to take selfies. We also had cornhole boards (made by one of our own LARCHies) and a chalkboard wall. Over all, the park was a great success!

2016-09-16-05-36-30 2016-09-16-05-45-26 2016-09-16-06-06-04 2016-09-16-06-58-03 2016-09-16-14-16-40 2016-09-16-07-29-23

That evening, we had a nice little fire and roasted some marshmallows which was lovely after a long day!

The Shingletown Gap Excursion

So for our studio this year, we are doing lots of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) which is mapping things on the computer for analysis of whatever is being mapped. Bad explanation but that’s not the point of the story. Part of our project is analyzing the soils and geology of the Spring Creek Watershed (Which is where State College and Penn State are both located) and we needed example photos to show different observations we made about the soil and geology. So, we organized a group trip to Shingletown Gap. It was nice overall. A group of us decided to hike up the ridge, partially to get more photos for our project but mostly because we wanted to get to the top. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Besides being slipper, rocky, and steep, there was also a rattle snake. No one saw it, but someone got close enough that the snake rattled at us. Our screams could be heard across the valley. Immediately we decided to head back. No one rejected. But, all in all, a good


This weekend, I will be going “Canning” with LASS. Canning is part of THON and involves standing outside asking people for money while holding gallon-sized tomato cans (hence, “canning). I am very excited and will post about it at some point in the future probably.

Anyway, per usual, I didn’t check spelling. Now I’m late for gymnastics practice. Have a nice day though!


2 thoughts on “Park(ing) Day and Other Ventures

  1. I remember you posting that event last year. I think it is such a smart idea, and I wish more towns would do that. So glad you enjoy your college experience, Zoe! Again, thank you for sharing.

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