Downtown Serenading

On Saturday, I decided to play my ukulele down town after the football game. I like to set up in front of PNC bank after it closes. It’s fun to watch the people go by. I’m not in it for the money… But of course that is a perk. It is NOT illegal, just so you know. At least as far as I know. Playing on game days is the best, at least in terms of people watching (and money giving). What I noticed is that people smile more and are more likely to give away a precious dollar or two for the ukulele, rather than for the guitar. I guess ukes are cuter haha! There’s also this cool community or mutual appreciation between people who walk around with instruments and play on the street. I met some interesting folk during my what turned in to three hour session. I was going to leave earlier but It’s so relaxing to be downtown and just playing music for people. Plus they were giving me money. If I am going to continue with this, I will need a little fold-up seat because my butt starts to hurt after a while. Anyway, have a nice week! The sky has been lovely!


One thought on “Downtown Serenading

  1. What you need is a “sit-upon”. Girl Scouts used to make them so they wouldn’t have to sit on bare ground. Maybe your Mom still has one. If not, you can borrow one of my folding seats, although it’s chair-height, rather than near the ground.

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