Great Water Pressure and Spiders Everywhere

2016-08-22 21.37.12

Frank the bathroom spider

I’d like to call this experience of living in a basement apartment “immersion therapy.” See, despite growing up in the woods and doing outdoorsy things like camping and hiking an canoeing, I am still very much afraid of spiders. And they are EVERYWHERE. It was suggested by a friend that I give them names to make them less scary and I wouldn’t want to admit it to him but I think it’s helping. The giant spider behind the fridge is named Kevin. The one chilling in my bathroom behind the door is Frank. Currently unsure if Frank is alive because he has not moved one inch since I started living here. I also have spiders in two corers of my bedroom ceiling named Peggy and Andromeda. The good thing is, the apartment is really cute and the water pressure is fantastic so I guess everything evens out.

Anyway, today was my first day of classes and it went rather well! Scootering up hills with a backpack can be rather difficult, if you were wondering. It’s pretty efficient though! I could ride my bike but I’m a terrible bike rider and I need to practice on all those hills before using it as a mode of transportation. It was a long day full of walking and syllabusses (syllabi?) and needless to say, I am very tired.

Here are some pics of my apartment (sorry for shoddy quality) Very Zoe-esque

2016-08-21 16.41.02 2016-08-21 16.41.19 2016-08-21 16.41.33 2016-08-21 16.41.47 2016-08-21 16.41.58



4 thoughts on “Great Water Pressure and Spiders Everywhere

  1. Zoe, I know you love plants, and if you love plants, you need to at least appreciate spiders. They often rid your plants of the other insects that might destroy them. You say you are “afraid” of spiders. What are you afraid they will do? They should be afraid of you, since you can easily step on them or crush them in some other way. I hope you learn to live with them. By the way, I haven’t seen my window spider in about a week now. He must have gone. 😦

  2. What a cute little apt., Zoe. Just your size! Not much to clean up, windows, a bonus in a basement apartment, and very colorful. Think about the hill climb as keeping you in shape! Ha! Once again, thanks for sharing. Wish all our girls were as communicative.
    Your friend, Mari

  3. Hi, Zoe. I hope you (and the spiders) are happy in your cozy apartment. I think you are a lucky young woman. Have a great year! I love you.


  4. Love it! What a great idea to name spiders, although then I wouldn’t want to kill them (which would make Grammy happy, but not me).

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