My First Day

For those of unfamiliar, I stole the title “My First Day” from the first episode of the since ended TV series “Scrubs”. And like the protagonist J.D., it was my first day as an intern – not as a doctor – but as an agroforestry intern for DCNR (District of Conservation and Natural Resources). It was kind of intimidating but everyone was super cool and I actually knew some of the things they were talking about! Finally! I understand why I have to go to school. (Just kidding) but seriously. Myself and another intern were introduced to ALL the people on the floor and some on the other floors, and let me tell you, that was A LOT of people. It felt like a real actual job which was weird. Also I felt a little confused about what exactly I was supposed to be doing and I think my fellow intern was as well. But we did it! Woo! Being an adult here I come. But not really. Because I’ll never be an adult. Anywho, one of my tasks is to design a logo for the working buffer program they are implementing and I think this logo speaks for itself: (it’s actually not done AT ALL if you were concerned) .

so that’s my day!


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