Spring Semester and I’m Already Behind

I mean, I’m already behind on by blog posting. That last post where it looked like a multi-part post, I’m coming back to that. But right now, I will briefly talk about my up and coming semester. It is a busy one! A whopping 18 credits (which I know isn’t a lot to many other students but it’s a lot for me). I’m very excited for all the classes I’m taking but it’s going to be much more work than last semester (*nervous sweats*). Ha. Ha. So if you thought my post frequency went down last semester, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. (And just to be clear, ‘nothing’ is what you might end up seeing on my blog this semester). Winter break was wonderful but I’m also glad to be back with my friends, watching lots of TV, ignoring our responsibilities, and pretending that the real world will be as easy as college.

I’m very excited for club gymnastics this year because our nationals is in California!!! Wooo! Hopefully, I won’t get beat by a guy on floor like I did in Philly last year! (If you are the guy I’m talking about, please remember that I don’t actually hate you and your routine was amazing)

In other exciting news, it snowed! But has since melted.