What I Haven’t Gotten Around to Telling You: Part 1

Let’s start with my hell week.
Yes, it has been quite a while since I have posted. It seems like all of my posts start off like that now. Anyway, Here is what has been going on for the since Thanksgiving break:

I am dedicating this post to my hell week. Now, most college students face their most stressful, horrifying, sleepless week during finals. But for all the people in Landscape Architecture, our big project is due the last week of classes (the week before finals).
Ok, honestly, as far as a terrible week goes, it could’ve been worse. However, it wasn’t fun. No one had time for anything else at all the entire week. We were all fighting over laser cutter time and computers in the studio to finish their models and boards. You could tell all us landscape architecture students were finishing our models because we were all outside collecting plants to use on our models as textures and shrubs. I spent two 9-hour days in studio which, as I said, is the low end of time spent in studio. Plotting – printing on the giant printers – is always incredibly stressful. All the plotters are always running out of ink, broken, and jammed. The week of stress really takes a toll on you! I had several dreams about building my model and finishing my digital model on the computer. After presentations on Friday of that week, we all cheered in celebration!
Here are some pictures of my final model:

Luckily for me, I only had one final on finals week, so the rest of semester was smooth sailing!


3 thoughts on “What I Haven’t Gotten Around to Telling You: Part 1

  1. Looks great, Zoe. Grandpa also took some pictures of your project. I hope you know that you can take plant material from here anytime you want. Love you!

  2. Glad you made it through your projects. Hope you had a fun Christmas with your family. Looks like you went to Mom Ellen’s family in the south. Rest & relax on your vacation!
    Enjoy your posts.

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