Stolen Scooters and Trust Issues

So two weeks ago, my mom brought up this wonderful push scooter for me. It was so cool! I could just ride all the way down Shortiledge. BUT THEN one night I was feeling lazy and I left my awesome scooter on the bike rack outside of my dorm without a lock. It wasn’t a Razor scooter and if was pretty old and heavy so I thought it would be safe. The next morning, it was GONE. STOLEN. So, I posted this literary work of art around campus in hopes of it being returned (I know it has a typo)


Days go by and the scooter has still not returned. So, in my sadness, my mom agreed to split the cost of a new scooter! I bought this light-weight beauty off of amazon anklet me tell you it was so worth it!

IMG_8342.JPG (not the best picture but whatever!) this thing is awesome! It’s super light (for carrying uphill) compacts nicely (for carrying inside places since I have lost all trust in people). It is also much faster than my old scooter! So I guess you can say it’s ok that someone stole my scooter!


One thought on “Stolen Scooters and Trust Issues

  1. Sad and happy for you at the same time. These days, no one can be trusted…except someone like your moms. Glad you got a new scooter and can get around more easily, though. Loved your letter to the thief. Perhaps, it will make them think twice before depriving a hard working college student of their transportation.

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