The Fascinating, Reoccuring Phenomenon That is “Football”

Last Saturday, I went to my first actual football game. I technically did go to a game last year, but I was up in the suites telling people where to put their trash most of the time (Don’t worry, I was supposed to be doing that) and I could not see the field from that vantage point, and ended up watching most of the game on one of the many TV screens. You might remember a post from last year about this experience.

Anyway. It was definitely not the best day ever to be playing or watching an outdoor sporting event. The sky was overcast and a sporadic drizzle descended over soggy-cold-and-not-so-Happy Valley. But the weather certainly doesn’t stop the fans. Masses of people in blue and white were moving steadily to Beaver Stadium. 

I suppose you’re wondering how, and why I decided to go to the game in the first place. Well, my awesome roommate offered me an extra ticket and after a lengthy debate of whether I had other things to do with my day than sit in the rain, I decided I should go. (Shout-out to my cool roommate and here awesome extended family for letting me tag along!)

It was sort of strange to see the stadium filled with people, since I’ve really only see it filled with trash. Walking up the concourse to where our seats were, the underside of the stadium looked like Piranesi’s drawing, Imaginary Prisons. That’s not really relevant but I thought it was interesting since I’d leaned about that last year in architecture history. Our seats were wet and cold, but I didn’t mind really. I was very glad that is brought a plastic bag to sit on though.
The game itself was pretty exciting. At least, I was excited because I knew what was happening for half the time.
Here are some pictures:


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