Park(ing) Day!!!!!

Happy Parking Day!!!! What’s Park(ing) Day you ask? Well, it’s a day when we turn a parking space (and a half) into a small park. This cool thing that us Landscape Architects do across the nation helps us to show how cities are for PEOPLE, not just cars.

So, to begin this fantastic project, we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. Yes, AM.


Our parking spot was in downtown State College in front of Pickle’s (locals know where it is). We had plants donated from a local company. We used pavers, bricks and sod for the ground plane and palettes for elevation.

The whole setup thing took until maybe 6 or 7:30 but the time flew by!

IMG_7990 IMG_8013 IMG_7992

I couldn’t get a good picture of the entire park but you get the idea.

And here, we are tearing down the park. The stacks of bricks look like abstract, deeply symbolic sculptures.



One thought on “Park(ing) Day!!!!!

  1. Cool project, Zoe! You all must have been exhausted at the end of that day! Once again, thanks for sharing! Mari

    Mari Cloyes Sent from my iPhone


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