Sweaty LARCHies in DC

On Wednesday, we (the second year landscape architects) took a nice little day trip to Washington DC to look at some cool memorials. We left campus around 6:30 and started driving. I, unlike almost everyone else, did not sleep because I hate sleeping on the bus. I also got to watch the sun rise, which was nice. I gotta say that it’s pretty hard to restrain myself from taking pictures of people sleeping because some people sleep in such funny positions. Also, the clouds looked cool in the morning.009Anyway…

We arrived four hours later, and upon stepping off the bus, felt the most uncomfortable, humid, and incredibly sweltering hot day we were about to endure. Seriously, it was awful.

First, we visited the FDR Memorial. We had divided into groups before hand that were each assigned a memorial to research and then tell the rest of the class about when we got to their memorial. I had the FDR memorial, and after stumbling over our notes, we walked through.


Then, we visited the MLK Memorial.


Then we had lunch. By this point, we were a pretty sweaty bunch and had already complained an awful lot about how miserable it was outside. The only available food stand was a kiosk selling overpriced hotdogs and hamburgers. (I mean, what would you expect at a tourist destination). My friends and I found a nice spot in the shade to eat.

Then we went to some more memorials…

Good ol’ Abe Lincoln Memorial


The Korean War Memorial


The Vietnam War Memorial


The World War II Memorial


And, of course…


The Washington Monument! (Featuring me and some weird pigeons)

So we did have a good time and saw lots of things despite being drenched in sweat 🙂 And would you look at that sky!


3 thoughts on “Sweaty LARCHies in DC

  1. Sounds like a fun trip, in spite of the sweltering weather. What a neat program, Zoe. Wish they had had that kind if thing when I was in college. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Zozie– Somehow I missed your account of the DC trip. Sounds like a great day, despite the heat! I love your Washington Monument pose. I have the one taken at Vernal Falls at my desk at work. Love you, Bae! Mama

  3. Hey Zozie– Somehow I missed your post from the DC trip. You got some great shots! I love the one at the Washington Monument! I have the one like it taken at Vernal Falls in my office. Love you! Love, Mama

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