The Work Starts Comin’ and It Don’t Stop Comin’

I was so bored during last week that I actually painted a picture of the word “bored”. But syllabus week is over which means school is starting for real. At least it’s stuff that I like to do (mostly). In studio right now, we are studying “spatial design components.” So we have to look at spaces on campus and pinpoint different design elements that were used to creat the space and the accompanying experience. We did something similar last year. We had to go take photos of our spaces around campus and analyze them and then create a presentation poster about said analysis. And taking photos last time felt rather uncomfortable for both the photographer (me) and the people trying to be alone in the space. Well I was hoping it would be somehow less awkward this time but I was wrong. It is just as awkward taking pictures of things that any normal person passing by would question the subject matter and myself feeling like and intruder on some people’s alone time.
What else…
Oh I found a freaking TICK on my arm yesterday. That’s just super yucky.
Today, I had digital communication, or something like that, for 3 hours. Then, 2 hours of ecology. I couldn’t handle it. We watched a fascinating, but extremely depressing, video about issues of population pressure and the decline of population in certain countries and the not-so-wonderful effects that said population problems have. I think I paid attention for the whole thing.
Ok bye


One thought on “The Work Starts Comin’ and It Don’t Stop Comin’

  1. Hang in there, Zoe. There will be many more “draggey” days. It’s just part of school and life in general. However, capitalize on all the fun, interesting things that you experience, which I know you can do. Always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing! Mari Cloyes

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