Week One, Again

So last year I remember writing something like the first week of classes was the longest week of my life. Well, this year I was hoping it would be better. I was wrong. It’s been seven days but it has felt like an entire month, again. But, this time I didn’t have to go through it all alone! That’s always nice. My classes this year are few but they are very long. I have my studio class (three hours) which is in the morning this semester! Yay! But then on some days I have two super long classes in a row and – if you know anything about me – you know that I can’t pay attention for five hours of only two different subjects. So this ought to be an interesting self study in the inattentive nature of myself.
I saw a cool hot air balloon yesterday:

IMG_7730.JPG I apologize for the fuzzy image though.


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