My First Day Back

I am very proud of my packing job for this year. Last year, I put off packing for too long, but this year, I started more than a week before and it certainly was easier!

Here is a picture of the car, filled to the brim with my many things:


Now I’m back, mostly unpacked and mostly organized. This year I get a room with only ONE other person, instead of FIVE. This is very exciting! My dorm is a suite with two bedrooms, each holding two occupants. These rooms are connected by a common room (Which is what you enter into from the hallway) and a bathroom. It’s nice 🙂

Here are some pictures of my side of the room:

IMG_7693 IMG_7692

(Those cool ukulele paintings on my cork board were by buddy Rachel)

It’s sad leaving home again after a great summer but I am very excited for this year! Yay school.


2 thoughts on “My First Day Back

  1. Hi Zozo– We miss you at home! I cut up enough watermelon to fill two containers earlier this week and one has not yet been touched. Wouldn’t have been gone by now if you were here! I hope your back-to-back long classes don’t feel quite so long once you get into them. Love you sweetie, Mama

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