If My Life Were A TV Show, This Would be Season Two


I have to start school next week! Ack! I’m not ready for this. But I guess I actually did a lot this summer.

I did lots of painting! I painted some ukulele cases…

IMG_7651 IMG_7646

and the doors of the gym where I do gymnastics… (sorry about the reflection)


And finally, after putting it off for most of the summer, I painted my mom’s rain barrel!

IMG_7663 IMG_7662

I also drove on the highway for the first time ALL BY MY SELF. This to you may seem like not much of an accomplishment but I am very proud of not chickening out 🙂

My family vacation was to the one and only Yosemite National Park! It certainly lived up to the hype, but there were a ton of tourists there. As much effort as the NPS puts into preserving the natural landscape for everyone to enjoy, it still gets trampled all over by people who are trying to get the experience. Don’t get me wrong, this place is amazing.


On top of Sentinal Dome


A lovely shot of the iconic “Half Dome” (which is actually 80% dome), glowing at dusk


Me doing a cool handstand on the hike up to the top of Vernal Falls (seen in the background) Photo credits to my cool sister

After we visited Yosemite, we made our way to San Francisco where we also did some cool stuff.

My mom drove down Lombard Street, also called the Crooked Street, which was super cool! Even though you can’t tell from my poor photography skills, the street was very pretty. There were also plenty of tourists sanding along the sides taking pictures and watching all the cars brave the crooked road.



And we also went by the Mythbusters studio, “M5 Industries”



And also, I accidentally made a scrambled egg in the shape of a chick!




2 thoughts on “If My Life Were A TV Show, This Would be Season Two

  1. Thanks for the latest posts, Zoe. I look forward to this years adventures. BTW, would you be interested in having a bass ukelale? I have one that I don’t play anymore & would love for you to have it.

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