Cardboard Models and Blanket Forts

So since my last post, some exciting stuff has happened. I went to my first ever club gymnastics meet at Ohio State. I also went to my second ever club gymnastics meet at JMU. Both meets went very well in my opinion. At Ohio State, I got 1st on bars, 1st on floor, and 3rd in the all around and Penn State Men’s and Women’s teams got FIRRRST! woo! Very exciting! The JMU meet wasn’t as great for the girls team (we came in third), but not too shabby I say. I got 2nd in the all around! yay!

Here are some pictures of me doing my thing at Ohio State:








So studio is getting very exciting. We are doing actual work! By that, I mean building models, which I like to do. We are learning about different “archetypal landscapes,” and building ‘rip and tear’ models to demonstrate each of the archetypes we learned. There are six:

Sky: It is a space that feels open and free, kinda like a sky on the ground


Sea: A landscape where you feel immersed


Promontory: One landscape that sticks out into another landscape


Harbor: The viewer feels safe (the back is protected), looking out at an expanding landscape


Island: Probably self explanatory. A patch of one landscape type, surrounded completely by another


Cave: A protected landscape with a strong overhead plane and a controlled view to the outside


I thoroughly enjoy my stick figure scale people.

Surprisingly, not much has happened in the last…3 weeks? Something like that. The only thing that happened was that I realized what a terrible mistake it is to go home for two weekends in a row. Why? Well I missed these two back-to-back weekends for meets. Both times, I erroneously believed that I would actually do anything productive over the weekend. I did nothing. I don’t have much of an excuse for that, but I was tired.

In other news, I have joined the PSU Ukulele Club.

Also, I have been gradually expanding the blanket fort I have created at the head of my bed. Here is a picture:


If you’re wondering, I am building this blanket for to block out desk lights when I’m trying to sleep and my fellow roommates are not. So far, it is working.

2 thoughts on “Cardboard Models and Blanket Forts

  1. Hi Zozo– Your models look GREAT! I’m sure it was a lot of work, but does look like the kind of thing you would enjoy doing. One of your team mates must have had a very good camera to get such great shots of you in action at the Ohio State meet. Those are beautiful. Regarding what you’ve learned in the last three weeks, you must have meant that you realize that it WOULD be a bad idea to go home two weekends in a row, since when you were away two weekends in a row for gymnastics meets, you didn’t get any work done. Right? 😉 love you! Mama Ellen

  2. Congratulations Zoe! We are so proud of you! Seems like you have gotten stronger with your gymnastics. Loved hearing & seeing what you are doing in your landscaping courses. With your creativity, you will do well in your choice of careers. Thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy the weekend, and Happy Valentines Day! Mari & Mary

    Mari Cloyes Sent from my iPhone


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