The Second Longest Week of My Life

If you recall, I titled one of my blog posts during the first week of the first semester “The Longest Week of My Life: Day Three,” so this is me being clever and bringing the title back for the first week of my second semester. Only this time, the week went faster! I apologize for not writing sooner but I had lots of stuff to do. Not much happened over the week. Disappointingly little actually. But I really like all my classes and professors. I also made some delicious pasta (see last post).

Well competition season is coming up for club gymnastics which means that I actually have to get my butt moving. And I must say that it is going pretty well if I do say so myself. I haven’t taken any pictures or videos yet because that’s how hard I’m working haha

Studio? Oh yes, that class that I always have something to say about? As a matter of fact, I do have stuff to say. We are doing a project on finding points, lines, planes, and volumes in the landscape that were intentionally done by the designers of said landscapes. We had to take pictures around campus which sounds like a pretty normal task until you realize that people get really confused when you’re walking around taking pictures of shrubs and sidewalks. It was also really cold out the day we went out to take pictures. I had to take a few pictures and then quickly put my hands in my pockets to make sure I could still feel them.

Here are my pictures:

Pretty exciting stuff.

I also took a picture of this cute squirrel:






One thought on “The Second Longest Week of My Life

  1. Hey Zozie– good to hear from you, but I don’t get the line, point, vertical plane, volume assignment…. Pretty pictures though! Sounds like you need a little colander for your spaghetti cooking adventures. We have a perfect sized one next time you’re home. Love you! Mama

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