A Studio Update

Part 2 of more than 1

Well I finally got around to writing this

So anyway, I have been doing a ton of stuff in studio since I last posted something about that. We started looking at this tiny “courtyard,” taking measurements and creating a plan of it. The reason I put the word “courtyard” in quotation marks is because it’s not really a court yard, just this in between space that is used by zeros of people every day. The only people I have ever seen in spending a significant amount of time in it are me and the other LARCH first years in my studio, taking measurements and pictures.

The first part of this large assignment was to measure this “courtyard” and recreate a plan. Here is the lovely plan I made (not too exciting):



We then had to do a site analysis, which is basically all the observations you could possibly make for a single space (some of which are made up). These are not just observations like, “that wall is made of brick” or “look at that nice oak tree” but stuff like “how does this tree make you feel?” And I say something like, “this is a nice tree, I like this tree,” and they are like, “Yes but that doesn’t describe how you feel.” It was pretty windy that day and we’d been out there for a quite some time and I was just thinking, “It makes me feel like I want to go inside now.” (but I didn’t say that). It’s kinda hard to see but here is my finished site analysis:



So then we had to design a “landscape” for this courtyard. Here are pictures from that which I don’t really feel like explaining so I will probably edit this post later with that explanation so check back throughout the week (and the next because I probably, definitely won’t have time, or I’ll be watching Netflix in stead of being productive and updating you on my life).

These drawings are in chronological order:


First we developed ten thumbnails in plan with different types of modular stations and pathways. Then we picked three of our favorite plans to draw as a two-point perspective.



Next, we did vegetation studies(as seen above). Three plans and three perspectives.



Aaand, then we did three color studies after deciding on a vegetation arrangement.




Here is the finished plan!







And the finished perspective!

The End 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Studio Update

  1. Zoe, if u want 2 practice on our backyard, get your moms to bring u down to Pawleys Island and see our backyard. Would luv 2 see u all!

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