Aaand We’re Back

Well, I’m back. (From break that is). And, oh joy, classes start up again tomorrow. So that’s fun. Just a quick thing: I updated my post about thanksgiving. The post with the cool video that you should watch.

Anyway. I guess there isn’t all that much to say. All the snow has melted which makes me sad because I was actually looking forward to walking to class in the snow. I know I could spend this extra time I have doing homework or something, but as per usual, I’m procrastinating.

Today, my roommate and I started decorating our dorm (Whilst listening to festive music, of course) to get our dorm into the Christmas spirit! Here is a lovely picture of our progress:


Unfortunately our dorm is still hesitant to make us feel warm in cozy because right now it is freezing in here (figuratively speaking). But seriously. We were told-really we heard rumors-that the head would come on after Thanksgiving break. That was apparently was a lie. To sum up with a Spongebob reference (and because there is always a good time for a Spongebob reference):

HAHA! It’s funny because it’s true.

Also, I noticed that at the bottom middle edge of the picture of my dorm, there are two fuzzy white blobs. I realized that they look like giant cotton balls out of context, but they are actually the tops of my new snow boots!

That is all.



The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

So Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Too lazy to write anything about it at the moment and will get to it later (Bottom line: It was delicious). But for now, here is a short, incredibly choppy stop-action animation of my family setting up the table for Thanksgiving dinner whilst also eating all the black olives.

IMG_5495Look! I finally got around to writing something slightly more descriptive about my Thanksgiving break! I went home on Friday and spent time with my lovely family. I made muffins and ate real food which was pretty exciting. I also played guitar a lot and practiced some new songs (including the theme song from the NBC TV show Community). On Wednesday, we went up to State College for Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandparents’ house which was super delicious!!! Basically, the entire time at their house was spent eating various sort of large portions of food. We had the whole turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (and obligatory peas) deal on Thursday. Friday was a Ziti, sausage, and home made tomato sauce thing, and Saturday we had ham an broccoli and sweet potato casserole. This is really the best thing one could possibly do on Thanksgiving break. However, I’m a little worried I’ll be suffering withdraw from not eating as much food anymore. Oh, and here (still) is my lovely stop-action animation.

*DISCLAIMER* This music was free/royalty free music from It was not created by me*

A Studio Update

Part 2 of more than 1

Well I finally got around to writing this

So anyway, I have been doing a ton of stuff in studio since I last posted something about that. We started looking at this tiny “courtyard,” taking measurements and creating a plan of it. The reason I put the word “courtyard” in quotation marks is because it’s not really a court yard, just this in between space that is used by zeros of people every day. The only people I have ever seen in spending a significant amount of time in it are me and the other LARCH first years in my studio, taking measurements and pictures.

The first part of this large assignment was to measure this “courtyard” and recreate a plan. Here is the lovely plan I made (not too exciting):



We then had to do a site analysis, which is basically all the observations you could possibly make for a single space (some of which are made up). These are not just observations like, “that wall is made of brick” or “look at that nice oak tree” but stuff like “how does this tree make you feel?” And I say something like, “this is a nice tree, I like this tree,” and they are like, “Yes but that doesn’t describe how you feel.” It was pretty windy that day and we’d been out there for a quite some time and I was just thinking, “It makes me feel like I want to go inside now.” (but I didn’t say that). It’s kinda hard to see but here is my finished site analysis:



So then we had to design a “landscape” for this courtyard. Here are pictures from that which I don’t really feel like explaining so I will probably edit this post later with that explanation so check back throughout the week (and the next because I probably, definitely won’t have time, or I’ll be watching Netflix in stead of being productive and updating you on my life).

These drawings are in chronological order:


First we developed ten thumbnails in plan with different types of modular stations and pathways. Then we picked three of our favorite plans to draw as a two-point perspective.



Next, we did vegetation studies(as seen above). Three plans and three perspectives.



Aaand, then we did three color studies after deciding on a vegetation arrangement.




Here is the finished plan!







And the finished perspective!

The End 🙂

I Technically Went to A Football Game

Part 1 of more than 1

Yes, I know it’s been quite some time since my last post but good news is I now have plenty to say! So much that I am breaking all the exciting happenings into separate installments. I also wouldn’t want to have anybody read as many words in one sitting as I intend to write (and I, of course, do not want to write all those words in one sitting).

IMG_5357So, football. For those who know me well (or not even that well), you know that I am not one to attend large social events of my own volition. And, for this reason, many people have made me promise to go to a home game. Well, last weekend, I did go to a football game…technically.

Let me explain. See, I didn’t buy season tickets and was too lazy to one of the various, popular methods of otherwise obtaining a ticket. Then opportunity struck! Actually, it struck pretty early on, but as with most of the time I am awake, I was not paying attention. Remember back to the end of September when I posted about stadium clean-up and was complaining about how much waste there was? Well, a relative who works for the university to this professor who is in charge of this sustainability program called “Zero-Waste Ambassadors.” He told my relative that I could be part of the program. This basically meant that I would be in the suites during the football games helping people put their waste in the right bins at the waste station (which is trash cans designated for different things all lined up in a row and labeled). My relative sent me what the professor had said, but I skipped over the word suite so I was picturing myself standing on the concourse, yelling at all the rowdy fans the throw their trash away while also trying not to get run over at half-time. With this image in my head, the job didn’t sound all that appealing.

However, more recently, it was explained to me that I would be working in the suites. As in, the President’s Box (and the other rooms) telling fancy people in which bins to put what trash. So that’s how I got into a football game for free.

Now on to the experience:


Sea of RVs

I walked down the road toward Beaver Stadium, along with rest of the football-goers. The only difference was, I had to wear nice clothes. Small digression: The nice pants I bought (since I don’t own nice pants) are actually supposed to be capri-length, but I’m short enough that they fit like pants on me. Anyway, I walked past the sea of RVs and headed to the suites entrance. Actually, that part wasn’t so exciting so I won’t go in to detail about it.

The suites are a completely different world from the rowdy crowd below. These people are classy. There are TVs everywhere showing the game live, and through the station and probably in other formats but I don’t know that much about football. I mostly watched the game on the televisions, but I got some peeks from the floor to ceiling windows.IMG_5362

Being a “Zero-Waste Ambassador” actually turned out to be not a bad gig. I thought that people would find it insulting for us to think they needed help sorting their trash out, but it turns out, it’s pretty confusing for most people to figure out where there trash needed to go. That’s not really their fault though. It seems self-explanatory. Each bin even has little pictures of what can go in each bin, along with a short description, but it’s still confusing. Especially when it comes to the utensils. The eating ware used in the suites is all biodegradable. The cups, straws, plates, and forks are all made of material that will eventually decompose. It makes sense that plates could be compostable, but the forks and spoons trip people up. They look and feel like plastic, but are actually corn-based, so they are compostable (pretty nifty, I think). Some people just don’t get that though, even after you tell them it is compostable. They put it in the plastics bin anyway and I have to fish it out. I don’t know why they can’t have a bigger sign that say “the silverware is compostable,” but apparently that is easier said than done. I honestly don’t know how much impact I and the other trash ambassadors have in reducing waste because remember, the amount of waste generated in the suites (while quite a lot) is incomparable with what the masses generate:

IMG_5174 IMG_5171

It’s unfortunate that it is so difficult to implement recycling programs, or make it easier for people to recycle.

When the game was over, it was funny to watch the streams of people flowing out of the stadium. They looked like ants and it was funny so I took a picture.

IMG_5371 IMG_5372