Doing “Adulty” Things and What Not

Some very exciting news: I did my first 18-year-old thing! I voted! I requested anIMG_5215 absentee ballot and filled it out like any responsible person concerned with local politics of their home town would do. I was most disappointed, however, that the envelope containing the ballot did not include the famous “I voted” sticker.





IMG_5226This weekend was a very exciting time in terms of food consumption. On Friday night, I went to the creamery  with one of my roommates. Like always it was delicious. (Seriously, Penn State creamery ice cream is amazing). Last night, I went down to Big Bowl Noodle House for some food and it was seriously delicious. It was also one of my only actual meals I’ve had all weekend (not counting breakfast). I got bubble tea and Pad Thai stir fry with beef. If you are even around University Park, I’d highly recommend it. 🙂

Bubble tea (if you were wondering) is this milky tea with giant tapioca balls in the bottom, which are sucked up through a fat straw. It’s the kind of thing that you either will love, or think is really weird.

Campus rodents are pretty entertaining. There are also a ton of them. I’m pretty sure that they are fatter than non-campus rodents because of things like this:


The squirrel had climbed up on the wheel of the bike and I’d tried to take a photo of that, but then he climbed up onto the trash can which is still pretty cute.

I have this suspicion that the squirrels are trying to wage war on the students, because when ever I walk under the oak trees, acorns rain down at an alarming speed and I can’t help but imagine a bunch of fat squirrels sitting in the branches throwing acorns at anyone below.

I saw a hot air balloon the other day and I’m pretty sure this picture could win an award…


The award might be worst picture ever taken of a hot air balloon, but I would still accept it with pride.

A quick rant about citation:

Ok, so when I was in middle/highschool, there was only one method of citation and that was MLA. We were given thick packets that explained how to cite every single type of source you could possibly find-A book with a more than 4 authors, a title with a title in it’s title, a journal accessed through a database with no author. But now, it turns out that there are at least THREE different ways to cite things. You got your Chicago Style and your APA papers (along with good ‘ol MLA formatting). And each method is slightly different than the other and I really don’t understand why some papers have to be written using one style and other have to be written using a different way.

Penn State has a decently large campus and classes can be far away. I always want to run to class because it’s impossible to look dignified while galloping down a sidewalk whilst my back back flops around hitting people in the waist. I say waist because there are a lot of tall people on campus.

Watching people bike up Shortlage Road, you can just tell that they’re thinking, “I can do this! I’m gonna make up this hill! Don’t stop now!”

Also, it rained and grass made this cool pattern on the sidewalk:IMG_5223



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