I’m Already Running out of Creative Titles

So It’s been a week since I’ve posted and I don’t have much to tell you. If you are really curious, keep reading.

I found two pennies on the sidewalk in the same day, which made me ecstatic.

I unclogged the sink in the bathroom because it was filled with oatmeal and hair. It took me an hour but it was actually very rewarding. This victory, I must attribute to my mother who made me unclog the bathroom tub drain at home. Do not worry, I didn’t take pictures of it.

I started watching the TV show Community last night and I am hooked.

And here is my latest studio project (still in the works)

Our assignment was to pick a photo from four options of different places on campus and turn them in to a courtyard lookin’ thing. I chose the Ag. Sci. Building courtyard into an entry garden. We were supposed to make a photo montage to make our new design look real by taking other photos from the internet and cutting out the parts we need. It is very difficult.

Here is the original picture:

Photo 2014-10-05 08.56.11 PM



Here is how I changed in (I am not done):






The end.

(I told you, nothing happened this week)


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