Sunrise Over the Dump: Beaver Stadium Clean Up


T’was the morn after game day

And all through the stands,

A thick sheet of garbage,


In other words: Stadium clean up. (Please pardon my French)

The gymnastics club (which I am happily a part of), along with many others, do stadium cleanup to raise money. So that’s the good part.

I don’t usually mind early rising, but you’d be scouring the globe to find someone sincerely motivated to pick up garbage at 7:00 in the morning. What? You say the garbage collectors have to get up that early?

Let me rephrase then.

I don’t usually mind early rising, but you’d be scouring the globe to find someone sincerely motivated to clean up Beaver stadium after a bunch of angry, riled-up Penn Stater’s were watching America’s rowdiest past time whilst eating greasy food and dropping chips and peanuts all over the ground, which were subsequently crushed when the game ended.

But seriously, people are disgusting. I mean, look at this:





And, honestly, that makes it look way cleaner than it was.

We cleaned from about 7 AM to 12:30. We were assigned a section in which we had to clean not only the stands, but also the concourse and ramps behind the bleachers. The tried and true method is to sweep all the big stuff (water bottles, cups, etc.) into the center aisles and then pick up all the trash and put it in trash bags. Then, sweep the steps from top to bottom.

Not to be a downer, but it’s super depressing to see how little people care about leaving almost completely full water bottles and plastic cups of soda on the ground. Or shoving their half eaten, mustard covered chicken tenders under the bench where nobody will see them. I’m not gonna go on a rant, but there are so many water bottles that could’ve easily been recycled, and how can people care so little about the shmucks that have to clean up their miniature land fills-worth of garbage. (I’m just sayin’)

Here is a clean Beaver Stadium!




Please treat this as a public service announcement:



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