Wearing Red on Game Day, and Other Great Ideas

I guess I should follow through with my other post and tell you the rest of what I have to say.

In the way of studio homework, here is my latest accomplishment (actually, it’s not quite finished in this picture):



Our assignment was to draw this water tower:IMG_5042

But the catch is, we could only draw the negative spaces. We had to draw the shapes where the empty spaces were (where there is no water tower), instead of the positive spaces. The most difficult part was not thinking in terms of where the water tower is but where its not. To put it another way, instead of drawing the beams and wires, I had to draw the triangle looking shaped hole that the beams and wires made when they crossed. Too confusing? That’s too bad.

They wanted us to draw on site, so I did. And it took a really long time.

Actually, funny story about that. On Saturday night (actually I should say evening because ‘night’ sounds like I’m drawing in the dark and I was not doing that), I decided to get a head start on my drawing. I was only going to stay for maybe an hour but I ended up staying for two. In that time, I had many visitors.

Well… Maybe I was drawing in the dark…


The next day, I decided that my first drawing looked like poo and decided to start over (That was a painful decision). It was a lovely Sunday, sitting on the patio outside of Stuckeman, alone with my thoughts. Suddenly, I was interrupted by this guy who came up to me asking if I had camped out in front of Stuckeman. To which I replied that, I no I had gone back to my dorm and slept and ate a lot of food, before returning in the morning. I got back to my drawing, then, another guy came up and asked me if I stayed all night. I had two different people who seemed to think it was a rational thing to just sleep on the ground by the architecture building. Like, what if I had to go to the bathroom. And obviously, I would want food. Those are but minor holes in an otherwise very logical theory. But whatever. I guess I’m a pretty dedicated artist. 🙂

Last night, I went to a rally at Old Main, and took this great picture.

IMG_5061I apologize for being completely out of the loop with what exactly happened because, if you know me well (or even not that well) you know that I am not paying attention for half of the time, and the other half is spent eating. So, what I was told is that the bans against Joe Paterno and his winning history were lifted early. Again, I apologize for not knowing what is going on.

Here is my latest studio work (This is different than homework because it’s done during class):



Ooob. Doesn’t it look super exciting? That is a…….. Shoot, I can’t remember what it’s called. Oops. Well, it’s a perspective grid thing that can be used to visualize how things will fit in a space and how the heights of everything will look. It’s super confusing and took everyone a while to figure out. It’s actually a pretty nifty thing, but I can’t explain it at all.

So here is a lovely photo that perfectly depicts the life of the club gymnast:


This is how I dried my leotards, because I didn’t feel like putting them in the dryer. I mean a whole fifty cents?! That’s asking too much. I didn’t have anywhere else to hang them.





Oh, and an incredibly awkward moment I had on the day of the football game. I knew it was happening, and for some reason I decided to wear this shirt:


BUT WAIT! It gets better.

I forgot I was wearing that shirt and decided to go down town to the drug store and the grocery store. I quickly realized that I was a bright red spot in a sea of blue and white. Luckily, I had by blue rain coat with me because it had just rained. Unluckily, I had to run to the drug store because they were closing in fifteen minutes. Why was this unlucky? Well, running in a raincoat is just unpleasant because if it’s not raining and cold, you start to sweat – a lot. And I didn’t want to take the raincoat off so I kept running and I kept sweating.

The good news is that I got to the drug store on time.



3 thoughts on “Wearing Red on Game Day, and Other Great Ideas

  1. Hi Zoe, enjoyed your blog today! Thinking about your leotards, do you have a place where you could put a small tension curtain rod to dry them on? They come in all lengths, all you need is two surfaces to put it between.

  2. Hi Zoe! Once again, I loved your blog. Your art exercise reminded me of one I had on negative space when I was in college, 100 years ago. Ha! I never had any guys asking me if I slept outside, though. It is fun to hear your thought processes, as well. Your trip to the drug store sounded like a dream sequence. BTW, my dad went to Cornell, way back in the dark ages. He only had good things to say about it. Thanks, dear, for sharing your life with us. We missed too many years after we left Harrisburg. Carry on and enjoy!
    Your friends, Mari and Mary

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