A New Day Dawns: I Love Almost Getting Hit by a Bus in the Morning

First of all, check it out! I took an extremely artistic photo of the varsity gym…


Well, not really. I didn’t want to look creepy, so I took the picture quickly and then left.

Anyway, some super riveting stuff happened since my last post…

Yesterday, I finished the leftover Thai food that my parents brought when they came to visit. It’s funny, because right as I was starting to eat, my mom texted me saying, “I don’t think I’d eat any more of the leftover Thai food at this point – I think it’s getting too old and I don’t want you to get sick!” (What a motherly thing to say). At this point, however, I was already halfway done. Luckily, I accidentally put the food in the microwave for way too long, and I replied that, “I heated it for too long and killed all the bacteria.” Now that I am typing this, I am realizing that the food was almost two weeks old, which for some reason didn’t occur to me when I was eating it. It tasted delicious and I am not sick, so there was really no cause for concern.

Today, my dishes and microwave covers finally came (I know, I could hardly contain myself), along with a giant box of goldfish-courtesy of my lovely mother. 🙂


This was actually a very confusing situation at first, because I thought the box was just going to be the dishes and microwave covers. When told the woman running the commons desk that a package arrived for me, she came back with this large box that felt much heavier than just plastic ware. Suffice to say, when I opened it, and dug a mile deep through the air pillows, I saw the goldfish.

Also today, I started and sort of finished my second art homework (not the lettering though because I need to be more attentive for that). Our last assignment – as you may recall – was to create a “value map” of a picture. This assignment was similar, but along with value, we also had to do texture. I chose a photo that I took my family went to Martha’s Vineyard for a cousin’s wedding (which was lovely by the way).

Here is the picture…



In my humble opinion, it looks very professional. I printed it in black and white for the alsssignment, and it looks even better…


(I had to outline some things in silver so I could see them through the tracing paper)

Here are my texture drawings:

IMG_5029The one on the left is pencil and the right is pen


It is ridiculous, the amount of traffic that goes through campus mid-day. I hate crossing busy streets because the cars don’t stop. And when they do stop, they start going as soon as you get out of your way. They don’t care of you’re still in the road. As long as you’re out of the way, they are flooring it. I personally, feel like it’s not the most intelligent thing to drive through campus in the middle of the day, considering that the sidewalks are crammed with people walking at all sorts of speeds, and a constant stream of foot traffic is crossing the street. But, I do feel bad for the drivers who chose this unforgiving path, as the students are about as bad as the vehicles in allowing the other mode of transport to proceed.



3 thoughts on “A New Day Dawns: I Love Almost Getting Hit by a Bus in the Morning

  1. I am intrigued by this “value” assignment. Your drawings were so interesting. I am envious of your talent, Zoe. Love reading your blog and am so proud of you. Thanks for sharing! Mari Cloyes

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