Woes of the First-Year LARCH Kid: It’s Almost Week Two

So a pretty successful weekend overall. I got most of my homework done and reorganized my little space in the room twice. Today my lovely parents and sister came up for breakfast, which was nice. They also brought leftover Thai food, which I am currently eating (and it’s still delicious!) This evening, I walked over to my grandparent’s house for a celebratory Chinese takeout. Now I am writing this post.

For our studio homework, we had to do a lettering exercise and draw pictures showing value. Allow me to elaborate.

The lettering exercise was probably one of the most tedious things I’ve ever had to do. The assignment was to teach us how to write inhumanly neatly. The ultimate goal was to get our handwriting to look like the font “Tekton Pro” Which looks like this.



Except, the letters were supposed to look more symmetrical and neat. After an hour of figuring out how to use the writing guide and another half hour to actually line the entire page by hand, I was finally ready to write. We had to copy a quote in this lettering style. I was so excited, I took a picture of my initial progress.



If you have ever watched SpongeBob, this moment felt very similar to this episode:

First, I get super motivated, I start writing, “Oh yeah, I got this!”


I’m feeling pretty confident and decide to check my progress…

I did finish it, though.



(On the other sheet, we had to practice vertical, horizontal, angled, and curved marks)


For our other assignment, we had to find a photo of an outdoor scene and make a “value map” showing the light varying light and dark values in the picture. We used tracing paper to replicate the general shapes of different values, and then colored them in using different drawing techniques. We did one in pencil and one in pen. I actually enjoyed this assignment. Especially after having to write so painstakingly consistent and clean.

Here is my picture. The silver outlines (sort of) mark where the value-light and dark-of the picture changes.


And here it is in pencil…


…and in pen


(I made arrows pointing to the values)

Good night!





3 thoughts on “Woes of the First-Year LARCH Kid: It’s Almost Week Two

  1. Great blog post Zozie! Now I wish we’d asked you to demonstrate the use of the lettering guide while we were there. I’d love to see how that works. Loved the value exercise results too. That looks very difficult, and your results in ink and in pencil are very impressive! Love you, Mama

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