I saw a car accident today! It happened on Park Avenue right in front of my dorm. I was walking home from giving my grandparents soup and I heard tires squealing. Iooked up just in time to see two cars collied! The headlight of the one car shattered everywhere and the fronts and front-sides of both cars are dented and damaged. Luckily, everyone was ok.

And like the smart person that I am, I saw another man watching the commotion and intelligently remarked, “there was a car crash.”

The look he gave me was not one of shock.


Sunrise Over the Dump: Beaver Stadium Clean Up


T’was the morn after game day

And all through the stands,

A thick sheet of garbage,


In other words: Stadium clean up. (Please pardon my French)

The gymnastics club (which I am happily a part of), along with many others, do stadium cleanup to raise money. So that’s the good part.

I don’t usually mind early rising, but you’d be scouring the globe to find someone sincerely motivated to pick up garbage at 7:00 in the morning. What? You say the garbage collectors have to get up that early?

Let me rephrase then.

I don’t usually mind early rising, but you’d be scouring the globe to find someone sincerely motivated to clean up Beaver stadium after a bunch of angry, riled-up Penn Stater’s were watching America’s rowdiest past time whilst eating greasy food and dropping chips and peanuts all over the ground, which were subsequently crushed when the game ended.

But seriously, people are disgusting. I mean, look at this:





And, honestly, that makes it look way cleaner than it was.

We cleaned from about 7 AM to 12:30. We were assigned a section in which we had to clean not only the stands, but also the concourse and ramps behind the bleachers. The tried and true method is to sweep all the big stuff (water bottles, cups, etc.) into the center aisles and then pick up all the trash and put it in trash bags. Then, sweep the steps from top to bottom.

Not to be a downer, but it’s super depressing to see how little people care about leaving almost completely full water bottles and plastic cups of soda on the ground. Or shoving their half eaten, mustard covered chicken tenders under the bench where nobody will see them. I’m not gonna go on a rant, but there are so many water bottles that could’ve easily been recycled, and how can people care so little about the shmucks that have to clean up their miniature land fills-worth of garbage. (I’m just sayin’)

Here is a clean Beaver Stadium!




Please treat this as a public service announcement:


Things and Other Things

First off, I’m very sorry that I haven’t posted in while, but you know, life. You might want to prepare yourself-it’s gonna be a long one.

Anyway, you may have noticed that I now have just over 1,000 hits on my blog. You know, no big deal or anything…

*Must…resist…making…reference…to…The Office*

This is a HUGE DEAL! (At least for me). I have always wanted to make a website that people actually looked at, but I never had anything to write about, and the BAM! COLLEGE! So thanks for that readers!

Now on to more important business.

I had my first SOILS101 test earlier in the week. Here is my fairly extensive study guide.

IMG_5109   IMG_5111

I was very proud of myself.

So the testing experience: Penn State had a state-of-the-art testing center, and it’s seriously high security.

I had to arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes early. Then, I sat in a waiting room full of anxious, sleep-deprived students frantically flip through their notes in a tense silence. So that’s fun. When it is close to the starting time of the test (tests start every hour) we all lined up in a snaking line behind three little turnstiles. When it was my turn, I swiped my ID card and walked through. At the desk, a ticket printed out with my picture and station number. Also, if your teacher has allowed scrap paper, you are given a one at the desk that has a bar code on it that must be scanned before and after the test is taken. The measures they go to to prevent cheating are quite impressive.

Next on the agenda, the LARCH freshman trip to Pittsburgh and Fallingwater.

I woke up a 5:15 in the morning. I’m sort of a morning person so I enjoy the times when you are awake and you know that everyone else is still sleeping and there is no one on campus, but there are also those who are…less enthusiastic about being awake before the sun comes up. As soon as the bus took off, everyone fell asleep. Sitting close to the front of the bus, it was pretty funny looking to see the array of sleeping positions. The open mouth with head slumped back is a classic, but the drooping head and pillow neck position are also promising up-and-comers.

Before we drove down in to the city, we stopped at an over look. Here is a panorama I took at said overlook:


It’s a pretty fantastic looking city, I’d say!

Here, also, is a non-panorama picture:



That fountain there is the tip of Point State Park, which is where we went next.

In first-year seminar for landscape architecture, we are talking about the value of place and what that entails, so we went around to multiple places in Pittsburgh so we can consider what we think “place” should mean and whether or not the locations we visited have the qualities that would distinguish it as a  place. Generally, if somewhere is considered a “place,” it has a cultural or personal significance, makes peoplIMG_5127e feel happy, and creates or encourages feelings of community.

From my incredibly-some might even say lacking-knowledge of this state park, I can tell you that there was a for there. According to one of the articles I read, “Point is where the Allegheny and the Monogahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio” (Van Trump 59). I am very excited to be using this article outside of school 🙂 Also, “In November 1758, a British army under General Forbes captured Fort Duquesne, which the French had abandoned, and the new garrison-settlement at the Point was named Pittsburg by Forbes” (Van Trump 59). I thought that was pretty neat.

Fun fact! The water from this fountain comes from an under ground glacial river! (I also learned that from reading)




…and I just realized that I got my finger in front of the lens again.

After the park, we visited two plazas that were across the street from one another.

Here is the Gateway Plaza:


(With my traveling shoe)


And here is the PPG Plaza:









I really don’t much to say about either of them, since we didn’t spend much time there. Also, I must apologize for my not-so-great photography on the trip.

After that, we went to the strip district for lunch. (and I am still very sorry for these pictures. This is much cooler in person).









This was taken on the outskirts of the Strip.

And this is one of the streets with vendors and whatnot.





Then, after another hour and a half of driving, we arrived at Fallingwater.

There are really only three things you need to know about this house:

1. Frank Lloyd Wright was basically a genius.

2. Nature is everywhere.

3. Cantilever, cantilever, cantilever.

If you ever tour the house, I would advise you to count how many times the tour guide says the word “cantilever” because it is said an incredible amount of times. Of course, that it not without cause, since basically every other furnishing in the house is a cantilever.



But you really just want to see pictures…

IMG_5155              IMG_5153






We are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Last weekend, I went home for the first time since college started. It was nice to be home in my own bed and my pets… and my family 🙂 I also went to the gym (where I do gymnastics) with my best buddy and we surprised everybody! That was a good time. I would show you pictures of me spending time with my family and friends, but somehow, the only picture I got was of my bathroom at home and I’m to posting that (even though the bathroom is clean since just my sister is using it now).



This is Why I Decided not to be a Grown Up

Some very exciting news to start off with:

IMG_5096So, I was doing laundry the other day and was getting all excited to put my clothes in the dryer. But, to my dismay, there were no dryers available. This is not an OK predicament to be in because it takes fifty some minutes for the dryers to do their thing, and I needed two dryers. There was one empty dryer that I took but I then needed another one. Using only one dryer would mean that It would take almost two hours to dry my clothes. It was pretty late and I wanted to watch Netflix-I mean go to sleep early. There were two guys behind me having a heated conversation about their laundry. While I’m standing there sulking, one of them comes up and takes his laundry out of the dryer. This was strange because I had seen him put his clothes in only a few minutes ago. I asked him if I could have the dryer and he said yes and I was like yay and I loaded my clothes in. I went over to swipe my card to pay the the display said the dryer was already in use. That made me very confused. I walked back over to the dryer and stared at the panel with the buttons and timer. The screen showed that there was still fifty-six minutes left. I closed the door and pressed the start button, and the machine started churning away!

And that is how I saved fifty cents on laundry.

Ok, so here is something actually interesting: my latest studio endeavor.

Remember that courtyard perspective grid that I showed you?


Well, I forgot to take a picture of the courtyard that we had to draw using the grid but moving on…

I am taking digital sequence now, and I am really excited about it. We will be learning how to use Photoshop and some other programs. For our first exercise, we had to create three different versions of the courtyard (that I didn’t take a picture of) we used in our original grid. It doesn’t matter if that made sense, just look at my drawings!



IMG_5104Then, we had to pick one to make a final…



Another funny little story:

I was at my grandparents house and they gave me a stool. I took the stool home, and I was very excited to take it up to the dorm and put it down. I walked up to the door and swiped my card and walked through the doorway and in that moment, the fire alarm went off. I thought, that’s great. I get to stand out on the sidewalk holding a stool. And that’s what I did. Lots of people looked at me funny and I considered sitting on it in the middle of the sidewalk, but for some reason I didn’t. In hinds sight, it seems like a lost opportunity.

And one last thing:

I have been playing guitar a lot and at some point I might possibly post videos… 🙂

(Edit: I forgot to finish that last sentence, but I fixed it)


Nothing Happened: Wrapping Up Week Three

It is nice that this week went faster. Not because I want it to go faster, but because that means I am starting to get the hang of things. That’s probably why nothing happened. It rained on Saturday. That’s pretty exciting. Saturday morning, I went to the grocery store with my Grandpa, which was nice. I finished all my studio work (including the next lettering assignment) so I wasn’t really in studio. And, speaking of studio, we had to buy these perspective grids from this website that we will be using at some pointIMG_5084 in the future. I literally had to pay twenty dollars for a bunch of lines. I would post a picture of them, but I’m pretty sure that is some copyright violation.


Probably, the most exciting thing is that I ordered takeout Chinese food from a restaurant down town. This is a significant event for many reasons. First, I have never ordered takeout by myself before. I will admit, however, that I did order online to avoid actually having to talk to someone. Nonetheless, I was incredibly proud of myself. And, I now have lunch and midnight-snacking food for the rest of the week.

Wearing Red on Game Day, and Other Great Ideas

I guess I should follow through with my other post and tell you the rest of what I have to say.

In the way of studio homework, here is my latest accomplishment (actually, it’s not quite finished in this picture):



Our assignment was to draw this water tower:IMG_5042

But the catch is, we could only draw the negative spaces. We had to draw the shapes where the empty spaces were (where there is no water tower), instead of the positive spaces. The most difficult part was not thinking in terms of where the water tower is but where its not. To put it another way, instead of drawing the beams and wires, I had to draw the triangle looking shaped hole that the beams and wires made when they crossed. Too confusing? That’s too bad.

They wanted us to draw on site, so I did. And it took a really long time.

Actually, funny story about that. On Saturday night (actually I should say evening because ‘night’ sounds like I’m drawing in the dark and I was not doing that), I decided to get a head start on my drawing. I was only going to stay for maybe an hour but I ended up staying for two. In that time, I had many visitors.

Well… Maybe I was drawing in the dark…


The next day, I decided that my first drawing looked like poo and decided to start over (That was a painful decision). It was a lovely Sunday, sitting on the patio outside of Stuckeman, alone with my thoughts. Suddenly, I was interrupted by this guy who came up to me asking if I had camped out in front of Stuckeman. To which I replied that, I no I had gone back to my dorm and slept and ate a lot of food, before returning in the morning. I got back to my drawing, then, another guy came up and asked me if I stayed all night. I had two different people who seemed to think it was a rational thing to just sleep on the ground by the architecture building. Like, what if I had to go to the bathroom. And obviously, I would want food. Those are but minor holes in an otherwise very logical theory. But whatever. I guess I’m a pretty dedicated artist. 🙂

Last night, I went to a rally at Old Main, and took this great picture.

IMG_5061I apologize for being completely out of the loop with what exactly happened because, if you know me well (or even not that well) you know that I am not paying attention for half of the time, and the other half is spent eating. So, what I was told is that the bans against Joe Paterno and his winning history were lifted early. Again, I apologize for not knowing what is going on.

Here is my latest studio work (This is different than homework because it’s done during class):



Ooob. Doesn’t it look super exciting? That is a…….. Shoot, I can’t remember what it’s called. Oops. Well, it’s a perspective grid thing that can be used to visualize how things will fit in a space and how the heights of everything will look. It’s super confusing and took everyone a while to figure out. It’s actually a pretty nifty thing, but I can’t explain it at all.

So here is a lovely photo that perfectly depicts the life of the club gymnast:


This is how I dried my leotards, because I didn’t feel like putting them in the dryer. I mean a whole fifty cents?! That’s asking too much. I didn’t have anywhere else to hang them.





Oh, and an incredibly awkward moment I had on the day of the football game. I knew it was happening, and for some reason I decided to wear this shirt:


BUT WAIT! It gets better.

I forgot I was wearing that shirt and decided to go down town to the drug store and the grocery store. I quickly realized that I was a bright red spot in a sea of blue and white. Luckily, I had by blue rain coat with me because it had just rained. Unluckily, I had to run to the drug store because they were closing in fifteen minutes. Why was this unlucky? Well, running in a raincoat is just unpleasant because if it’s not raining and cold, you start to sweat – a lot. And I didn’t want to take the raincoat off so I kept running and I kept sweating.

The good news is that I got to the drug store on time.