So Much to Say

YAY! I have officially finished my first week of classes, and let me just tell you that it has felt like the longest week of my life. All my classes are interesting, mostly. I’m very excited for my class, “Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems,” because I think we will be learning a lot about conservation and national parks and human impact. (If you were wondering, my other classes are a landscape architecture-or LARCH- studio, soils, and plant biology). I already have a decent pile of work, which is… just…um… Anyway, it’s great that we get a three-day weekend after an endless week of being perpetually confused and walking up Shortlage ten times each day. That I could probably avoid by waking a more direct route but, struggling with my sense of direction, I get lost if I don’t. However, I would like to say that I am getting better at finding my way around.


I finished my first assignment for studio! We had to draw this:


We had to draw the paper sculpture, using only outlines so we weren’t allowed to shade (Which made me sad because I like shading).

Here is what my drawing looked like:


(You can see my awesome shoes in the bottom of the picture)

Not too shabby, eh?

Side comment: We had to get a 48 inch T Square for the course. I (actually my mom) ordered one through Dick Blick because I guess there isn’t an incredibly high demand for wooden T square that are roughly the same height as a middle schooler.

I’m not kidding. It is literally only about a foot shorter than me (I am short).

This is the box it came in:



They had to tape another box on top to make it longer.There was nothing else inside that box, with the exception of an entire warehouse of bubble wrap.

What else…

Oh! Very exciting! Two of my roommates and I went out for dinner the other night. Real food. I have a new appreciation for actual food that you have to cook, after only a week a dining hall meals. I am eating leftovers right now. 🙂









Today was a stay-in day for me. I spent most of it trying to reorganize my stuff which I mostly finished. Then, I did a bunch of homework and got my printer working. Now, as a previously mentioned, I am eating leftover french fries and garlic bread and writing this blog post. I think I’ll go get dinner at some point.




2 thoughts on “So Much to Say

  1. Hi Zoe, I’d give you an A+ on your drawing AND on your fabulous shoes. I wish I’d known you could have used Grandpa’s T-square. The leftover meal looked good until I read what it was!

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