First Day of Classes!

How was my first day of classes you ask?

Tiring, stressful, but not really all that bad.

Let me explain.

You see, whey you’re new to the campus and the life of a college student, you don’t know what time to show up for class (like 15 minutes early?), or how long it will take to walk there. I thought I wasn’t going to have enough time for breakfast, so I ate a bunch of granola bars in stead. That was a mistake-but I’ll get to why in a moment. In the mean time, I was crusin’ down Shortlage and on to Curtain, when I realized that I was already at the building and I still had 45 minutes before my class started. I sat down on the cold, metal bench, saddened by the realization that I had plenty of time to eat breakfast (I know, first-world problems, am I right?). Anyway, after class, I went back to the dorm for a bit and then decided to eat lunch at twelve o’clock in the HUB.

At this moment, I intensely regretted not eating a real breakfast, because, let me just tell you that noon in the HUB is probably the worst place on campus to eat. People are squished together as students push their way through the throngs of people to get in the unbelievably long lines for food.

At 2:30, I had my first LARCH studio. We didn’t do much, except find our desks and have a lecture about design drawing. The Stuckeman School organized a little welcome thing and the reception had free pizza! That was pretty great .


One thought on “First Day of Classes!

  1. Hey Zozio– well now you know how little time it really takes you to get to class, and well– better early than late anyhow. Hope you got a good breakfast today! You’ll figure out where the lines are long and where you can get through quicker in a few days.

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