Class Tomorrow

I’m gonna make this quick, because I’m tired and classes start tomorrow.

Today we had the general welcome and meet and greet/ice cream social for the Arts and Architecture College. It was interesting, for the most part. I mean, there was ice cream a “free” t-shirt so, it certainly wasn’t a waste of time (but in all seriousness, I did learn some interesting things about A&A and LARCH. For example, there are about 34 incoming freshmen in landscape architecture). IMG_4973

I also did something incredibly brave today. I voluntarily went to a pep rally-and I enjoyed it! In the past, I have not really enjoyed pep rallies because I went to a pretty small high school and was a part of an unenthusiastic grade. Also, I could never understand what the people were talking about, because it was in the gym, which has the worst acoustics (and which have yet to be fixed, along with the leaking roof).

I’m running out of steam, so here are the pictures.

IMG_4974 IMG_4978


And here is a picture of me people-watching from behind a branch:



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