I Paid Good Money for This: My First Full Day on Campus

Today was my first full day on campus. I started my morning off, walking over to my grandparents’ house. There, I ate a delicious breakfast with my parents and grandparents. I then spent a lovely morning with my parents, driving to Lowe’s to buy a utility knife and measuring tape, and then to Tea Time for some bubble tea. After that, we had to say goodbye. But I don’t think it was sad, really. It was one of those “see you later” ones because it’s not as enjoyable to go for the all out type. You know, the one where you hug and get teary-eyed and talk about the future and how much you’ll miss each other etc. etc. etc. Those are the worst kinds of goodbyes.

Well, now that we got the meaningful, thought-provoking part of my day out of the way, I can tell you about convocation.

Look at all of us!

Look at all of us! Aren’t we colorful?

Convocation is where they herd all the freshman, decked out in their “free,” multicolored tee shirts of their intended college, over the the Bryce Jordan Center for a formal welcome. I really had no idea what to expect, but what happen was genuinely awesome. Sitting in the huge arena, surrounded by over 8,000 other freshmen, it was the first time that I actually felt like a college student. We heard an a cappella sing a few songs and then a few university official, including the president, spoke. Following that, they called each college out and asked everyone in that college to stand up. It was neat to see how many people were in each college. In terms of numbers, the engineers definitely take the cake. Although, they would need to buy a million cakes because so many freshman were in engineering.

When the convocation came to an end, they herded us back out. We were all lemmings, following the crowd and hoping that they don’t lead us off a cliff or something.

A crowd of people that appears to think it's cattle or lemmings

A crowd of people that appears to think it’s cattle or lemmings

      After all that, I wanted to stay in the dorm, but instead, one of my roommates and I decided to go down to “Late Night” at the HUB. I was hopping for some free food to make the trip worth it, but was only met with some disappointingly small samples from Starbucks. I, personally, though the whole trip was a waste of walking. There was some “free” stuff, like personalized street signs and tshirts that you could get with your face on it (I mean, who wouldn’t want that?) but the lines were ridiculous. We did do the craft, which was…

This is on par with Van Gogh, Degas, or Monet. I lied, it's terrible.

This is on par with Van Gogh, Degas, or Monet. I lied, it’s terrible.

Future higher education seekers: This is what your tuition goes towards.

(I’m kidding)

But seriously.


I found a piano in Warnock Commons! Yay!

I found a piano in Warnock Commons! Yay!



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