Move in Day

First of all, please enjoy this terribly grainy photo of me and my sister behind the lovely packing job.


Today’s the day! The day when you are torn from your sheltered life and throw into a world of strange people and new places.

But not really.

It’s actually been pretty pleasant. I unpacked my many belongings and then went out shopping for this stressfully long and ambiguous list of art things I – allegedly – need for studio on Wednesday. I feel I need to inform you that this list was first available to us on the Wednesday that had just passed. So after running around with only partial success in completing the list, I, along with my parents, headed back to the dorms. After they left, our floor gathered in the stairwell and headed over to Warnock Commons for a group dinner. That was nice, although I always forget to check out all my dining options and end up with too many plates on my tray.

When the conversation died down and people had left, the remaining consumers (including myself) returned to the dorms. I got to do my favorite thing, which wast to organize all my stuff! Also, I got to know my roommates and they are all awesome! Anyway, here are some lovely pictures of my room.



Here, you can see a lovely view of my bed all made up. The two pictures on the wall are of Bowie the Dog and Rosabell the Cat. You can see where my priorities lie.



And here, you see my desk, adorn with colorful paintings, photos, and knick knacks. I also feel the need to emphasize my proximity to the Microfridge.

And finally, a close up of my desk with my screen open to the blog post that I am writing right now (although it’s hard to tell with the glare)



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