So Much to Say

YAY! I have officially finished my first week of classes, and let me just tell you that it has felt like the longest week of my life. All my classes are interesting, mostly. I’m very excited for my class, “Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems,” because I think we will be learning a lot about conservation and national parks and human impact. (If you were wondering, my other classes are a landscape architecture-or LARCH- studio, soils, and plant biology). I already have a decent pile of work, which is… just…um… Anyway, it’s great that we get a three-day weekend after an endless week of being perpetually confused and walking up Shortlage ten times each day. That I could probably avoid by waking a more direct route but, struggling with my sense of direction, I get lost if I don’t. However, I would like to say that I am getting better at finding my way around.


I finished my first assignment for studio! We had to draw this:


We had to draw the paper sculpture, using only outlines so we weren’t allowed to shade (Which made me sad because I like shading).

Here is what my drawing looked like:


(You can see my awesome shoes in the bottom of the picture)

Not too shabby, eh?

Side comment: We had to get a 48 inch T Square for the course. I (actually my mom) ordered one through Dick Blick because I guess there isn’t an incredibly high demand for wooden T square that are roughly the same height as a middle schooler.

I’m not kidding. It is literally only about a foot shorter than me (I am short).

This is the box it came in:



They had to tape another box on top to make it longer.There was nothing else inside that box, with the exception of an entire warehouse of bubble wrap.

What else…

Oh! Very exciting! Two of my roommates and I went out for dinner the other night. Real food. I have a new appreciation for actual food that you have to cook, after only a week a dining hall meals. I am eating leftovers right now. 🙂









Today was a stay-in day for me. I spent most of it trying to reorganize my stuff which I mostly finished. Then, I did a bunch of homework and got my printer working. Now, as a previously mentioned, I am eating leftover french fries and garlic bread and writing this blog post. I think I’ll go get dinner at some point.




The Longest Week of My Life-Day 3

First some exciting news! Club gymnastics started today! The atmosphere was super chill, and everybody was enthusiastic and friendly. I am looking forward to being part of the club! Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photo of the varsity gym that we are allowed to practice in.

So, the involvement fair was held Monday through Wednesday in the HUB, and like the clever kid that I am, I go at lunch time. I got in the room where all the tables were set up, and it was wall to wall people.

Here is the best picture I took of the fair:


Great, right? I was too short to see over anybody.

Also, yesterday, I ate breakfast in the dining hall for the first time! Very exciting. I took a picture of my food, I was so excited.


And my final accomplishment thus far: I was not an hour early for any of my classes today!

I can’t wait ti’ll the days stop feeling so long.

First Day of Classes!

How was my first day of classes you ask?

Tiring, stressful, but not really all that bad.

Let me explain.

You see, whey you’re new to the campus and the life of a college student, you don’t know what time to show up for class (like 15 minutes early?), or how long it will take to walk there. I thought I wasn’t going to have enough time for breakfast, so I ate a bunch of granola bars in stead. That was a mistake-but I’ll get to why in a moment. In the mean time, I was crusin’ down Shortlage and on to Curtain, when I realized that I was already at the building and I still had 45 minutes before my class started. I sat down on the cold, metal bench, saddened by the realization that I had plenty of time to eat breakfast (I know, first-world problems, am I right?). Anyway, after class, I went back to the dorm for a bit and then decided to eat lunch at twelve o’clock in the HUB.

At this moment, I intensely regretted not eating a real breakfast, because, let me just tell you that noon in the HUB is probably the worst place on campus to eat. People are squished together as students push their way through the throngs of people to get in the unbelievably long lines for food.

At 2:30, I had my first LARCH studio. We didn’t do much, except find our desks and have a lecture about design drawing. The Stuckeman School organized a little welcome thing and the reception had free pizza! That was pretty great .

Class Tomorrow

I’m gonna make this quick, because I’m tired and classes start tomorrow.

Today we had the general welcome and meet and greet/ice cream social for the Arts and Architecture College. It was interesting, for the most part. I mean, there was ice cream a “free” t-shirt so, it certainly wasn’t a waste of time (but in all seriousness, I did learn some interesting things about A&A and LARCH. For example, there are about 34 incoming freshmen in landscape architecture). IMG_4973

I also did something incredibly brave today. I voluntarily went to a pep rally-and I enjoyed it! In the past, I have not really enjoyed pep rallies because I went to a pretty small high school and was a part of an unenthusiastic grade. Also, I could never understand what the people were talking about, because it was in the gym, which has the worst acoustics (and which have yet to be fixed, along with the leaking roof).

I’m running out of steam, so here are the pictures.

IMG_4974 IMG_4978


And here is a picture of me people-watching from behind a branch:


I Paid Good Money for This: My First Full Day on Campus

Today was my first full day on campus. I started my morning off, walking over to my grandparents’ house. There, I ate a delicious breakfast with my parents and grandparents. I then spent a lovely morning with my parents, driving to Lowe’s to buy a utility knife and measuring tape, and then to Tea Time for some bubble tea. After that, we had to say goodbye. But I don’t think it was sad, really. It was one of those “see you later” ones because it’s not as enjoyable to go for the all out type. You know, the one where you hug and get teary-eyed and talk about the future and how much you’ll miss each other etc. etc. etc. Those are the worst kinds of goodbyes.

Well, now that we got the meaningful, thought-provoking part of my day out of the way, I can tell you about convocation.

Look at all of us!

Look at all of us! Aren’t we colorful?

Convocation is where they herd all the freshman, decked out in their “free,” multicolored tee shirts of their intended college, over the the Bryce Jordan Center for a formal welcome. I really had no idea what to expect, but what happen was genuinely awesome. Sitting in the huge arena, surrounded by over 8,000 other freshmen, it was the first time that I actually felt like a college student. We heard an a cappella sing a few songs and then a few university official, including the president, spoke. Following that, they called each college out and asked everyone in that college to stand up. It was neat to see how many people were in each college. In terms of numbers, the engineers definitely take the cake. Although, they would need to buy a million cakes because so many freshman were in engineering.

When the convocation came to an end, they herded us back out. We were all lemmings, following the crowd and hoping that they don’t lead us off a cliff or something.

A crowd of people that appears to think it's cattle or lemmings

A crowd of people that appears to think it’s cattle or lemmings

      After all that, I wanted to stay in the dorm, but instead, one of my roommates and I decided to go down to “Late Night” at the HUB. I was hopping for some free food to make the trip worth it, but was only met with some disappointingly small samples from Starbucks. I, personally, though the whole trip was a waste of walking. There was some “free” stuff, like personalized street signs and tshirts that you could get with your face on it (I mean, who wouldn’t want that?) but the lines were ridiculous. We did do the craft, which was…

This is on par with Van Gogh, Degas, or Monet. I lied, it's terrible.

This is on par with Van Gogh, Degas, or Monet. I lied, it’s terrible.

Future higher education seekers: This is what your tuition goes towards.

(I’m kidding)

But seriously.


I found a piano in Warnock Commons! Yay!

I found a piano in Warnock Commons! Yay!


Move in Day

First of all, please enjoy this terribly grainy photo of me and my sister behind the lovely packing job.


Today’s the day! The day when you are torn from your sheltered life and throw into a world of strange people and new places.

But not really.

It’s actually been pretty pleasant. I unpacked my many belongings and then went out shopping for this stressfully long and ambiguous list of art things I – allegedly – need for studio on Wednesday. I feel I need to inform you that this list was first available to us on the Wednesday that had just passed. So after running around with only partial success in completing the list, I, along with my parents, headed back to the dorms. After they left, our floor gathered in the stairwell and headed over to Warnock Commons for a group dinner. That was nice, although I always forget to check out all my dining options and end up with too many plates on my tray.

When the conversation died down and people had left, the remaining consumers (including myself) returned to the dorms. I got to do my favorite thing, which wast to organize all my stuff! Also, I got to know my roommates and they are all awesome! Anyway, here are some lovely pictures of my room.



Here, you can see a lovely view of my bed all made up. The two pictures on the wall are of Bowie the Dog and Rosabell the Cat. You can see where my priorities lie.



And here, you see my desk, adorn with colorful paintings, photos, and knick knacks. I also feel the need to emphasize my proximity to the Microfridge.

And finally, a close up of my desk with my screen open to the blog post that I am writing right now (although it’s hard to tell with the glare)