Day Three

Zoe’s Log-Day 3

-day 3…they still do not suspect that I am a mere cat.

-Day 3 of non-stop service! Yee Haa! Day 3!!!

-Ah! Do nothing congress

-Uh… I got turned into a cow, can I be excused now?

yes you may be excused

-I am doing nothing right now

-Food. Summer

-Oh yes, I boost cars in my free time

-6:14 6:15

-Still swiveling

-Ahh! I can’t see the time

Needless to say, I go very little relevant work done that day.


Day Two

Zoe’s Log-Day 2

-Day two of ENGLISH CLASS dun. dun. DUN

-No dudes tonight

-and snakes. mines and snakes.

-Oh man, the tension up in here.

-Why do we have to learn things we aren’t going to need? (that is said in a sarcastic voice)

-Gun rights got people riled up

-Invasive species (aliens)

-You can’t put me in a swivel chair and expect me not to swivel

College English

So it looks like I’m starting college a little early… Actually it’s just a class.

After being on the fence about whether or not to take summer classes, I was finally convinced by enough people that taking a summer class to lighten my load would be worth it come fall semester. I decided on English because I hate English and figured it would be in my best interest to get it out of the way.

I probably need to be careful about what I say…

But anyways! The class is extremely condensed and long and unfortunately, I just learned most of the stuff we’re talking about so I am-in the words of Sherlock from BBC’s Sherlock-

So, I write down sarcastics remarks in my notebook, even though I have been told by my parents on multiple occasions that that might be a bad idea. What can I say. I live for danger.

Please enjoy the less rude remarks that I have made:

Day 1

-“I am in English. It’s funny because I hate English. Ha! No, actually that’s a lie. I hate 3 hours of English.”

-“This isn’t real”

-“There’s a piano on this floor.”

-“I’m Sherlock (Observations)”

-“Did you know that other people have opinions that are not your opinions?”


-“The funny thing is, it looks like I’m taking actual notes when I’m just making sarcastic comments. Ha!”

-“[Sqare roots] They just blow my mind.”

-“I can’t sit still”

How I Plan to Pay for College

paying for college

Yes! I plan to set up a lemonade stand that has lemonade so deliciously addictive that they will be willing to pay $50 for a glass. First my college tuition… then THE WORLD! (but not really)

But seriously though, college is becoming more expensive every year. And, a college degree is probably required for the job you want.

Conspiracy theory time!

Is college an economic “bubble”? In other words, is college becoming this increasingly popular thing that everybody thinks they need and are consequently willing to pay an outrageous sum of money for, creating an even more competitive job market and increasing the likelihood of being turned down and forced to work a lower wage job that didn’t require a degree in the first place? And once the prices go from high to astronomical, will people realize that college might not be worth all that much and decide to revert back to the old tradition of apprenticeships?

Bitcoin is a bubble. (Just sayin’)