This is What I Decided

The funny thing is, I have been dead-set against going to Penn State since I first started looking at colleges. I didn’t want to go to a big school, mostly because I hate associating with people. I also didn’t want to go to a school that was associated with certain things that were not particularly pleasant. Since my both my parents had attended the university and one of them had family there, we were in State College on plenty of occasions so I wanted to go somewhere different. The problem was, Penn State also had most of the things that I wanted: nice trees, a club team, proximity to home, and CREAMERY ICECREAM. But, I was determined to fall in love with any other school than Penn State. I applied to plenty of other schools, and got accepted in to all but one. I started going on accepted student days, hoping to find a school to love that wasn’t Penn State. On the accepted students day a PSU, I toured the architecture/landscape architecture buildings-and I loved it. I had high hopes for Syracuse and Cornell, but as amazing as both the SU industrial design program and Cornell landscape architecture program was, I could’t allow myself be be buried under all that debt when I graduated.

So this is what I decided:

Smart is getting accepted into an Ivy League

Intelligence is knowing that you can’t afford to go there

Plus, I needed a little more irony in my life.