I’m Sort of Done, But Not Really. Also, I’m Moving Out.

FRIDAY (the 29th)

So classes are over. When they’re all online, it’s incredibly anticlimactic. In person, you have all these shared experiences and interaction with people and it’s sort of sad when class is over but over Zoom, everyone just waves goodbye and signs off. Weird.

I’ve finished almost all my classes except my final project class which I’m taking this summer so I can finally attempt to complete one of my two goals which is to get a job (My other goal is to graduate which I though I was going to do a year ago but silly me decided I wanted to be a broke knowledge seeker for even longer).

SCAD only has one graduation a year since I guess the college isn’t that big. Students (like me) who are finishing in the summer may be allowed to attend the ceremony too. I wasn’t planning on it before this whole quarantine thing happened, but now it’s online. More importantly, they said every student who registers for the online graduation gets a free box of surprises. So now I am attending the graduation.

The box came a few weeks ago, and it was much larger than I thought it would be, which could only mean getting my hopes up despite the fact that deep down, I knew it would be at least slightly disappointing. We were instructed not to open it until graduation so I patiently waited. That is, until I finished my last class of the quarter and decided that I’d rather be disappointed by the box’s content right then and there, rather than wait until graduation.

So I opened. And inside the bizarrely large box was another box. And inside that box was an inordinately large amount of pink paper confetti. After rooting around in the stuff, I unearthed some real treasures.


And it was not as lame as I thought, so good job SCAD.

SATURDAY (the 30th)

Today was the virtual graduation ceremony. It was actually also pretty nice even though I’m not technically graduating until the end of the summer. Alicia Keys was the keynote speaker so that was pretty awesome.

Now, I have to do some packing. I like packing because it’s sort of a game trying to figure out how to pack as efficiently as possible but I don’t like packing because then my room is empty and sad. There is a ton of stuff in my room that I have collected over the years and I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in my new apartment. Oh, where am I moving to you ask? Yes I will be moving to Silver Spring, Maryland with none other than  my BFF log “the log” logson aka Logan. No, I don’t have a job yet so please don’t ask me about it, ok, thanks. I’m very excited to be moving to place that I can live in full-time! It’s getting kind of annoying having stuff in two locations, what with being in school and all.


Nowhere to Go, but I’m Fine With That

Yeah, so I waited so long to finish this post that I’m actually done with the quarter. I will be writing about that tomorrow maybe but who knows when it will actually get posted.



Hi! It’s been a really really long time since I posted. I thought about keeping up to date with my posts but not much has happened and I’m sure that reading about the nothing that I’m doing is not going to be that exciting. But I felt like I should post because some stuff is kind of happening.

First off, about this whole quarantine thing, I am totally fine with it. I absolutely love having an excuse to not go anywhere or do anything except be in my room and work on the stuff I want to work on. Although, I’m a little bummed that I have to do all this schools stuff when I have so many personal projects just roaming around in my head. But it’s ok.

Class, but Online

Having to do class on Zoom is probably the hardest test my sub-par attention span has ever had to face, and let me tell you, I am not doing super great at it. I sure don’t want to give you the impression that I am not doing my class work and all that (because I am) but golly it’s so hard to stay focused sometimes. For the first few weeks, I didn’t have a chair to sit on, so I sat on the floor. I like sitting on the floor anyway because I can kind of squirm around and pick at the carpet during class and no one can see because my laptop is propped up on a stool. I told my mom not to get me a chair but she got me a chair anyway. I sat in it for a week or two, but it doesn’t really roll on the soft carpet and I can’t squirm as much as I would like. So I put the chair in another room and now I’m back on the floor. Thanks, anyway mom.

Going Outside Sometimes

Don’t worry, I do leave my room occasionally. My parents and I went hiking a few times at King’s Gap. we took our little, old dog Bowie and he is very slow but he powers through! I took some nice pictures!
DSC_0198 DSC_0162

I also had done a little design for the side yard at my grandparent’s house! I ordered plugs from North Creek Nursery and my parents and I went up to State College to plant them while maintaining a safe distance! The featured image on this post is of my lovely parents trimming a tree in the back yard.
2020-04-19 11.43.44

Bird Action

There have been so many handsome and beautiful birds at our feeder! We had a pair of Bluebirds nesting in our bird box and also got a visit from some Orioles passing through! Very exciting! We have been watching the baby bluebirds in the box. Here they are:

And here is the male Bluebird at the feeder


They have since flown the coop, but a couple (the same one perhaps?) is eyeing the vacant property.

Also check out this cool shot of an Oriole taking off from the feeder:

So that’s about everything that happened and now the quarter is over. Stay tuned for more thoughts and poorly crafted sentences about more things at some point in the future, hopefully tomorrow.

The Weirdest Day Ever

I would like to tell you about the weirdest day of my life, but first I have to tell you a wee bit about my final presentation.

Yesterday I had my final presentation for my studio. It wasn’t too bad. I had stayed up pretty late for the last few nights. It wasn’t anything compared to a lot of other people but I am one of those lame people who seriously can’t function if I go to bed at 2 am every night and wake up at 7:30. Anyway. Our project was about creating a modular gardening system with an adjustable height planting bed for old people so they don’t have to bend over when they garden. We built some cute little scale models:_SU15981

We also made a cute stop action animation video to show how our garden works:

So on to the weird day.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Corona virus. It’s causing quarantines, paranoia, travel bans, more thorough hand washing, general panic. And recently, it has caused schools across America to convert all their classes to online. And at 9 in the morning, I rolled over to look and my phone and learned that SCAD has been added to that list of schools. So now, instead of packing for spring break, I’m packing to go home. All the way home. Where I will be staying for spring quarter. Unsurprisingly, we students have no idea how design classes will be conducted online. But I guess we’re just going to roll with it. My valiant mother is driving all the way down from Pennsylvania to help me pack all of my stuff and move out of the dorms. So my third quarter will be at home. Which is SO WEIRD. It’s WEIRD. Because I was gonna have a cute little flight home but now I’m packing up my life and moving back home.

So now I have to actually pack all my stuff up and as you can imagine, it is quite a mess.
2020-03-12 11.59.00

It’s Friday now and I am just waiting for my mom to come. For breakfast, I went to the dining hall to use my last meal swipe and spent my remaining dining dollars on some snacks for the ride back. I also got a quick look at the many turtles by the bridge. There were so many swimming around in the warm sunshine!
2020-03-13 09.46.50

After breakfast, I walked around Savannah and took some pictures. It was kinda sad that I wouldn’t be coming back for the spring quarter. I really enjoyed living in the city and biking and walking everywhere.

2020-03-13 10.12.52

2020-03-13 17.14.21
2020-03-13 11.32.55

Logan had told me that all the fountains in Savannah were dyed green for St. Patrick’s day so I went over to Forsyth Park to see, and sure enough, weirdly green water was spewing out of the animals adorning in the fountain. It wasn’t that easy to see in the water but the statues were dyed green from the spray.
2020-03-13 10.23.11

Despite these new developments with the virus, people were wandering around the city like nothing was happening. I sat on a bench and played ukulele for a while, the walked over to my Aunt’s house to drop off a tupperware.

My mom arrived in the afternoon. We finished packing, loaded everything up in the van, dropped our overnight stuff at the Thunderbird Inn (a cute little retro hotel), and had just enough time for ice cream at Leopold’s. In the evening, my friends had invited me to a barbecue and my mom visited with my aunt. It was nice to have one last little gathering before we all parted ways.

On Saturday morning, Mom and I grabbed the rest of my stuff from the dorm, dropped off the keys, and headed home. The sun was shining through the clouds and it was beautiful!
2020-03-14 08.15.30


Today is Monday.

I am home and my stuff is (mostly) unpacked. It’s going to be weird having to take classes online but at least I’m not moving for a while, haha. A lot of people are super annoyed about taking classes online and not being able to go anywhere, but I really think that it’s the relaxed-ness and slow response that has helped the virus reach so many people in the first place. Plus, as a self-proclaimed introvert, I enjoy having a very legitimate excuse for not leaving the house.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and at home during these trying times 🙂

Biking in the Rain is Not Always Miserable

It’s been a real busy couple of weeks so this post is gonna be a long one. Buckle up, friends.

First things first, I got my ID back! Yay! Someone had turned it into a security station at a different housing area. I didn’t know this, however and actually went to the the other housing area because they had an office that printed new IDs and I was going to get a new new one printed when the guard realized that I she had my ID!

Side note, when I was walking back from that run where I lost my ID, I saw this nice cat sitting on some pipes by the rail road museum.
2020-01-18 15.34.48

Space! The Final Frontier

Also, my class and some of the other students in industrial design all got to go on a trip to the Kennedy Space Center! I’m not actually sure how or why this happened but whatever the case, in the wee hours of the morning a bunch of sleepy industrial design grad students hopped on a bus and rode four and a half hours to Cape Canaveral.

I gotta say though, for $50 bucks (that I didn’t have to pay, the department did) it wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be. I guess if I were a tiny kid who was super excited about space I would be over the moon (hehe) but as a sort of cynical grad student, I felt there were a few things they could do to improve the facilities. I say that, but I also got to see an actual space shuttle that had actually been to actual space and that was amazing. It was the Atlantis space shuttle, which was definitely the best exhibit I went to.
2020-01-24 12.44.40
2020-01-24 13.07.15

I also really liked the Rocket Garden but the landscape architect in me questioned the awkward positioning of a splash pad and was disappointed by the lack of benches.

2020-01-24 11.48.34

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day! AND I packed enough snacks that I didn’t have to buy any food!

Log Down South

Last weekend, my best buddy forever Log (Logan) came to visit me! He couldn’t really stay in my dorm so we stayed in a hotel kinda near historic downtown. I showed him where all my classes were and we ate at many delicious places that I’d been eyeing for a while, including Sandfly Barbecue and the very fancy Planter’s Tavern. We hung out in Forsyth Park and played frisbee and watched all the dogs and then walked around downtown and looked at all the cool shops. We also ate dinner with some of my SCAD friends at Vinnie Van GoGos Pizza at City Market.

Here is an excited Log coming up the steps after a delicious dinner at Planter’s Tavern
2020-02-06 20.25.10


Here is a nice pic of me and Log in Forsyth Park

2020-02-08 12.57.55

Other Notable Happenings

So I have to eat in the dining hall occasionally since I had to get a meal plan and I noticed a few weeks ago that they have whole veggies set out among the salad fixings. I’m talking whole peppers and zucchinis. Consequently, I haven’t had to buy vegetables in like a month. Relax, it’s not stealing. I mean if the vegetables were that important then why are the there? And who is going to eat a raw zucchini anyway? If you don’t believe me, here is some proof:

2020-01-30 18.43.59

2020-01-30 18.46.01

Also, it poured on Thursday. I knew that, but I rode my bike anyway. And I didn’t take an umbrella or a raincoat. I looked at the radar and it said the rain wasn’t going to stop until 11 PM. But it looked liked it was letting up so I decided to go for it. It, however, did not let up. It poured harder and I got all wet. My boots filled with water. I had to keep my head down so I didn’t get water in my contacts. I’m glad my bike ride was such a straight shot back home but its still like 15-20 minutes. At one point I passed another guy on a bike going the other way. We waved at each other and laughed which made me happy.

Shout out to my parents for preparing me for this moment, thanks to a long family bike trip in the wind and sleet.

Good Bread, Broken System

Two weeks of classes has already gone by! Wow, so fast! And I am definitely loving it way more than last quarter! I have a great group for studio and we are researching stuff about old people and biophilic design. My professors reminds me of those professors in movies that ask all the hard questions and talk in a sort of poetic way but who is also intimidating. But in a good way. I’m also taking financial reporting and analysis which has been super helpful as I intend to start my own firm one day. My contemporary art history class is online but it’s actually quite interesting and I am now convinced that art can literally be anything you want it to be. It’s kind of insane. I learned that this composer, John Cage, wrote a piece called 4′ 33″ that is just four minutes and 33 seconds of silence because he wanted to eliminate all the variables of music except time. It’s ridiculous but also genius.

But despite all the cool stuff I’m learning at SCAD, I’m not a super duper fan of the way they run things. I mean, I guess reading emails isn’t really my strong suit and that could be helpful, but still. It’s not like SCAD makes it easy. Their websites send you in circles and don’t give you the information you’re actually looking for which is super fun. I have a lot of complaints, but I really just annoyed about this thing with my SCAD ID. The thing is that I somehow lost it on my run a few days ago. It was Saturday. And it happened after all the offices closed. I retraced my entire three mile loop looking for it, to no avail. So I called five different numbers my mom and I found on different SCAD webpages and and no one picked up. I went to one of the RAs in my building (which I don’t really see why this would be on them to fix but that’s what the website said) and of course as I suspected, they couldn’t do anything either. I really wanted to suspend the card so no one could use it for nefarious purposes but apparently the only way to do that is the call one of the many phone numbers. And they are closed until tomorrow (Tuesday). In the grand scheme of things, I know it’s not really a big deal because they will give us a free replacement (one per academic year) and I have plenty of time to do that tomorrow. I am just annoyed and I still can’t figure out when it even fell out. Sigh.

On a lighter note, I had some time to walk around Savannah and take some nice pics!


I also decided that I was going to keep making bread, even though I’m at school. It saves money and plastic and tastes yummy if I make it right! I found a recipe for no knead bread that is super easy and check out my lovely loaf! The first time I made it I didn’t put enough salt and really tasted bland but this time I made sure to add enough salt and I threw in a little olive oil for a nice subtle flavor.


Higher Standards, Lower Bed

Happy New Year everyone! Cant believe we’re in a new decade and I’m still the same exact height. It must be nice to know that some things never change.

Anyway, I’m back! In Savannah. Today was the first day of classes and I have much higher expectations and hopes for this quarter. I really like my studio professor AND I have an actual studio which will be (hopefully) way more interesting than asking people about their eating habits or researching plastic use during travel. Tomorrow I have my class on financial reporting and analysis. I’m actually looking forward to it because I wanna learn about financial and business stuff and I don’t wanna work in another group.

My break was also nice, and also super long. Almost too long, like it made it quite difficult to go back but it’s ok.

I did a lot of stuff on my break. First of all, on the way home from Savannah, my first flight was crazy delayed and as it was I had only an hour layover between flights and with this delay and by the time I got my suitcase from the valet cart I literally had less than a minute to catch my flight to Harrisburg. My smart mother sent me a picture of the airport terminal so I knew exactly where to go, I just has to sprint. And unfortunately I had to run in my rain boots. I sprinted through the airport dodging pedestrians while the final boarding call announcement echoed through the hall. Bottom line is I made it to the gate huffing and puffing at the final moment that the door was about to close. I should really travel lighter.

I painted a picture of the Angel Oak as a late birthday present to my Mama.
2019-12-05 14.37.01

My friends and I also had a fun friendsgiving weekend. Ben (my future business partner and current friend) made us a delicious turkey and everyone brought delicious foods and we just hung around all day and talked and played games. I love my friendy friends!

2019-11-23 14.04.022019-11-24 12.37.57

I also went down to Silver Spring and hung out with the Log. We went to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving and so much of the family was there! It was a wonderful time! I had fun playing with my little cousins. When I got home I hung out with my birds a bit.
2019-11-26 11.15.31
2019-11-26 11.16.04

I also hung out with Logan in Frederick and we looked at the the light-up boat display along the riverwalk/canal thing. One of them was a “Starry Night” boat.
2019-12-07 18.20.20
2019-12-07 18.18.49

Christmas was lovely. The Log came up for that which was very nice of him. My family and I visited some friends in New York and we went into the city for the day. We went to some cool museums and walked around Central Park hardcore tourist style. I highly recommend the Tenement Museum on your next trip to NYC. Very interesting!

So now I’m back in Savannah! When my plane landed, the flight attendant said “welcome to Savannah, home of the bananas” I decided to rearrange my room and lower my bed because it was too tall and I needed a stool to comfortable get in it. I moved it down a notch and now it’s much better.

The Future is Now


Guess what I did yesterday? I rode in a self-driving shuttle! It was an adorable little vehicle that only goes 12 miles an hour but it’s still pretty darn cool. The demonstrator people were showing it off in the parking lot. Look how cute:

2019-11-05 12.11.09

They set in a pre-programmed path and a destination for it to go and it’s so accurate it will be within four centimeters of that path! It’s got lots of camera and sensors but uses LIDAR data to detect obstacles as well. One of my classmates stood in front of it while it was moving and it actually stopped in front of him.

Yesterday, I also turned in my resin cased model which I thought turned out good but I didn’t get such positive comments from my professor. Oh well. It’s still pretty neato. The process if resin casting is a sort of wasteful, lengthy one.

First, I started with making my object our of REN foam, which I had to sand down into the shape I wanted (even though my professor was not a fan). Once I had a nice shape, I sanded it and sanded it with up to 2000 grit sandpaper to make it smooth.

2019-10-29 15.30.54

Then I sprayed it with a primer paint and sanded that until I reach 2000 grit as well. Once my model was good and smooth, I made a plywood box and glued the model to the bottom. Then I mixed together some very expensive silicone and poured it into the mold to make a negative cavity in the silicone in the shape of my object.
2019-10-30 15.57.30

2019-10-30 16.19.43
After the silicone hardened, I dismantled my box and removed the object so I had a silicone mold.

2019-10-31 14.40.05
Then mixed together some very expensive resin, added color, and poured it into the mold. Very quickly after that, I had to put it into a pressurized chamber for an hour. The pressure was supposed to shrink any of the bubbles that formed in the resin so it would be perfectly finished.

2019-10-31 16.10.58

When I took it out of the mold, it wasn’t very shiny. I had to again sand it and sand it and sand it until I got any bumps and bubbles out and the surface was smooth. THEN I had to use a polishing compound and rub it on the object for like half and hour to make it shiny. THEN I took it to class where the professor pooped on my object with his words. (I am bitter about this, if you can’t tell).
2019-10-31 17.05.30


Over the weekend, my cousins came to town! They were here to run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon and they brought along their spouses and children for support. (I should clarify that they only ran the half, but that’s still twelve more miles than I ran that day). Watching thousands of runners at 8 AM definitely makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough with your day.

Anyway, after they finished, we hung out in Forsyth and listened to the live bands until the kiddies grew too grumpy and sleepy, so we got some food truck food and went back to my aunt’s house. I has a wonderful time meeting my new second (I think) cousins and catching up with my regular cousins and aunt. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched the Hunger Games catching fire.

Today is an “eat a block of cheese while sitting on the floor doing work and trying not to fall asleep” kind of day. It’s been a long quarter. It felt like forever, but I am finally going home next weekend! And I won’t have to be back until January!!! I’ve really been struggling the past few days. It’s not that I have a lot of work, it that my motivation to do stuff has greatly diminished and I want to go home. Also, I hadn’t been eating enough meals in the dining hall over the quarter and I have to use all my meals before the quarter ends. This is good because I don’t have to go to Kroger for the rest of the quarter but bad because I have no snack and I’m hungry all the time. But some things never change I guess.

There are some other projects I forgot to tell you about!

First is a helmet I made out of EVA foam. The kind of foam they use for those play mats that fit together like puzzle pieces. We had to have some kind of theme for the helmet and mine was the “don’t talk to me” helmet. It has giant headphones and spikes and looks very punk rock.

2019-10-29 13.30.27

To make the helmet, we had make a template using a mannequin head. We were told to wrap the head in tin foil and duct tape and then trace out the shape of the helmet shape and cut it into pieces that can then be traced on the foam. The mannequin was the same size as my head but everyone else had bigger heads than me so they resorted to a different method to making their template the right size for their head. Here is a picture of them in action:

2019-10-23 14.34.17

The other project I’ve been working on is replicating an object as close as possible to the original using techniques we learned in class. We are supposed to do two iterations. The first one was due a few weeks ago and the second one is due next week. The Second one has to be better than the first. I chose a foot tambourine that ended up being pretty difficult to make. Here is my first one (Can you tell which is the model and which is the original?!?!):

2019-10-22 12.06.46

HINT: It’s the model is the one on the right!


Also, here is the picture of the Gulfstream building!

2019-11-01 15.46.27

Hard Core Foam Core, A Million Post-Its, My Dumb Lamp

It’s been so busy. What the heck. Anyway, I gotta catch you up because an insane amount of stuff has happened since my last post.

First. It’s Hard Core Foam Core. Where we have a week to build a giant model out of foam core and tape which we present to a small audience in the form of a rap. It’s a whole event that happens at the end of a very sleepless and stressful week and all the students taking this introductory model building class all perform and then there’s a vote. But the underclassmen teams always win because they know more people. You can’t find any videos of this online because apparently YouTube thinks it’s porn hahaha. Anyway, our prompt was to create an “exoskeleton” or suit that served a specific function. Our exoskeleton was for all terrain exploration and our rap song was to the tune of Thrift Shop by Macklemore. I wrote all the lyrics. We had every surface in the grad bench room covered with foam core and we spent many a night in there after midnight but finally we finished.

2019-10-01 20.47.47

Here it is on our model!

2019-10-04 18.36.31

And here the suit is on our form after the event:

2019-10-04 19.30.05

But yeah, sorry, I don’t have a video. Even though my rapping skills are tight, yo.

After the Hard Core Foam Core, we had to make elephants out of REN foam. It was an ungraded assignment but I made them look real cute.

2019-10-01 10.38.56

A few weeks ago, my cousin and his wife were in town! So I got to spend some quality time with them and my aunt. It was nice. I got to show them around the Gulfstream building, including our Hard Core Foam Core model that is on display. We then enjoyed an evening at the picnic in the park event in Forsyth Park. We listed to the Savannah Philharmonic.


In my design theory class, we’re doing a project on reducing single-use plastic during travel. We had to interview a bunch of people and every little “data point” or notable thing that someone said was written down on a post-it note. We then had to read through all the post-its and group them into categories. Then we took those categories and grouped them into more categories. This process is called “affinitization” and it was kinda cool at first but then it was real boring.


In model shop, we’ve been working on this very annoying lamp project. I was very excited about it at first because I wanted to make a very cool lamp but the project quickly sapped my self-confidence and became a burden for all of us by the end. Still it was a pretty cool process and I learned a lot cool model-making techniques. So first we planed a board and cut it into five pieces and glued it into a block. Then we turned that block on the lathe into our lamp shape. Here’s a pic o’ that:
2019-10-09 13.51.05


After that, we cut the wooden lamp in half. Yes, in HALF on the bandsaw and then do this really cool thing called vacuuforming. It’s a machine that molds a heated plastic sheet around the lamp half using a vacuum table. It’s really cool! It’s what they did on Mythbusters a lot to build models so I’m basically on Mythbusters, thanks for asking. But unlike Mythbusters, our machine is not very high tech. I’m not very good at explaining what it is, but here’s a picture.

2019-10-11 14.13.17
So the halves of the lamp (they are called plugs) don’t come out that easily after the vacuuforming so I had to cut the excess around the edges with the bandsaw and then kinda hammer it out with a wood block.

2019-10-11 15.14.51

Then I glued the halves together with a glue that smells like something that no one should ever be smelling probably. Then I sanded down the glue on the seam and drilled a hole in the top of the lamp. When I drilled the hole in the top, the darn lamp split in half along the seam and so I had to glue it again. After I fixed that, I had to fill all the seams with Bondo, which is a scratch filler used for cars. Then I sanded that down and painted it with primer. In between each coat we had to sand the primer down. Then I coated it spray paint which, if applied incorrectly, caused dripping, which then had to be sanded after it dried. We were supposed to choose an automotive spray paint because it gave the best finish but I really wanted an orange lamp and there is a lack of orange automotive spray paint, due to the lack of orange cars, so I bought non-automotive spray paint which was probably a mistake. It was a lot of waiting around in between coats and I am a very impatient person so this was not my favorite. Also it dripped all over the palace and the sanding made it worse. So I kinda gave up before the clear coat and went home.

Here is how it turned out in the end, but you can’t see all the scratches:

2019-10-17 15.15.46
Yeah, it’s a hanging lamp. I have no idea where I’m going to put it but at least it’s orange like I wanted it to be.

Today, I had my 8AM class even though we usually don’t have class on Fridays because our professor was out of town on what was supposed to be the second makeup day. So I’m sleepy. Also, I had to go to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum to look at model ships. I really wanted to be interested in what the museum guy was telling us about all the ships but he went on for quite some time and I had not idea what all the nautical and ship-building jargon was about. I did learn that the Mayflower hull got turned into the roof of a barn outside of London. So that’s cool! The boat models were also very impressive! But there were so. many. boats.

2019-10-18 12.27.14

Good thing is after the boat museum, we went to all get dinner as a little friend group together at the Little Duck Diner. Then I went to the Gulfstream building to work on my current project which is to make a replica of one of our pink foam models using any of the modeling techniques we’ve learned so far.

It sounds like there’s going to be a big storm coming in tomorrow so it’s batten down the hatches for me! Also sidenote, I just spilled some tea on the carpet in my room so I better clean that up.

Pink Foam Everywhere, Don’t Talk to Me Mr.

Since we last spoke, things have gotten busier. Like WAY busier. This is largely thanks to my model making class because our assignments are all overlapping so there are always multiple things due that all take up a lot of time. The project I finished last Tuesday was replicate not one, not two, not five, not ten, but fifteen objects in pink foam. In a week. If you can’t tell, that’s a lot to do in a week. He suggested that we pick objects that relate to a theme so I decided to pick objects from my days as a busker on the streets of downtown State College. The only thing is that I thought it would be really cool do a ukulele, even though the professor said that anything too detailed or larger than a shoe box would take too long. But yeah I did it anyway.

2019-09-23 16.28.45

I didn’t do the string though because I really just didn’t feel like it.

2019-09-24 12.37.36

Here’s the setup for my presentation. I tried do make it look like it did when I played downtown, except I had some extra items so I could reach 15 objects.

2019-09-24 12.21.46

I brought my real ukulele to class since we had to have some to the items we were replicating and my professor let me play a song after my presentation! I play Can’t Help Falling In Love because it’s a classic.

I’m also working on carving four elephants out of a material called “ren foam” which is really dense foam that is more enjoyable to do than the stupid pink foam that got scratched really easily but it is still really time consuming.

2019-09-26 18.50.42

I rode my bike to Gulfstream yesterday and it was actually a really nice ride. The street I go down in pretty calm on the weekends at least and then I don’t have to wait for the dumb bus to come. SCAD really needs to step up it’s game with the buses because they are absolutely not reliable. (Hey Mom, see my cool lock?)

2019-09-22 08.56.16

The other thing due very soon for model shop class which I should really be working on (but I took the day off) is for an event that SCAD has every year called Hard Core Foam Core. All the students taking this model building class are divided into teams and tasked with building some insane thing out of foam core which we then present in the form of a song or rap during a big event. If you don’t know what foam core is, it’s like thick poster board that is paper on the outside and foam in between. Our prompt is to design a robotic exoskeleton that a person wears and it is oriented toward a specific task. So a lot of people are doing combat exoskeletons that have all these weapons attached and such. Our group is still kinda figuring stuff out and I’m hopeful they figured some more stuff out today while I wasn’t in the bench room. (For future reference, the bench room is basically like the grad studio space where we work on all our projects. Did I already say this? I don’t remember. Anyway, it’s an ok space but there are no windows. Honestly, Stuckeman was way better but you didn’t hear it from me).

Don’t worry, I wasn’t slacking on my day off. On top of all the work I’ve had to do for all my classes (and I have group projects in all three classes), I’ve been sick for the past week. I have the coughing kind of sickness that is just really annoying and throat-irritating and loud and disruptive, both to me and all the people around me. A few days ago I took a nap in the bench room because I had a meeting there later but I was too tired to work on anything. I guess my coughing and complaining was pretty bad because my classmate felt so bad that he – unprompted- offered to drive me to Kroger so I could get soup and then drove me back to my dorm. My best buddy Logan also did a nice thing and ordered me a whole pile of Chinese food to my dorm when I got back from Gulfstream (where the bench room that I am not too fond of is located). Thanks Log, you rock.

I’m still sick and coughing all over the place but I felt a lot better today so I went for a run. It was hot and sticky difficult but at least I did it. I was walking around Forsyth park afterward and a random guy started talking to me. He seemed nice enough so I tentatively chatted with him for a while. It was ok but then he asked if I liked motorcycles and I said “no” and he said “that’s too bad because if you said yes I would ask if you wanted to take a ride on my motorcycle with me”. Yeah no, I don’t think so mr. weird fat guy. I told him I had a lot of homework and gracefully exited out of that very uncomfortable situation. The best part though is that I told my parents and my mom said, “you know not to go with him if he asks you that, right? Even if he’s a nice man.” Yes, Mama I know. I’m 23 and have a well-developed distrust for most people I encounter, especially man strangers.

Speaking of parents, mine are definitely best. Is the love your parents feel for you quantifiable by the amount of Regionally specific snacks sent to you while away from home? Because my parent’s love is. And the the answer is, they love me A WHOLE LOT. This package arrived for me unexpectedly. I had complained that I was out of chips and they said that they would send me more but I didn’t think they would buy all the chips in Central, PA!

This afternoon I returned to Forsyth park to talk to more people, but on purpose. In one of the classes I’m taking, my team project focuses on researching sustainable tourism in Savannah and part of the research involves interviewing people and asking them questions about our topic. So of course we had to talk to a bunch of tourists. It’s actually really fun to talk to people but I probably need to be a little more assertive because I didn’t want to bother anyone. I did end up talking to a number of people though. No one offered me a motorcycle ride.

Right now, I’m just chilling now and pretending that I don’t have a butt load of work that I should really be doing. Have a nice evening everyone.

The Shed, The Macaroon, The Harmonica

Hi everyone! I am starting my second week of classes today! Last week was only two days of class because of the whole hurricane thing so this will be my first full week. Plus it’s extra full because we have class on Friday to make up for one of the days we missed. (We will have class next Friday as well).

All my classes are in a building called The Shed. It looks like this:

2019-09-13 15.20.49

It’s just a classroom building but it’s pretty cool inside. And the bus drops me off right by it! The first morning of classes (last Wednesday) I arrived promptly for my 8AM at 7:20. Good job me. But guess what? The doors are locked. It’s ok though because I also realized that I was going to a different class than I had originally thought and I didn’t have my pre-quarter assignment ready for the class I did have. Also, I forgot a notebook and pencil. And the doors still weren’t open.

Don’t worry it got a lot better.

After class, I decided to walk around the city. I bought some random art supplies at BLICK and then bought macaroons and sat in one of the squares and doodled with my new art supplies.

2019-09-11 17.07.42

2019-09-11 17.07.04
I now only arrive 35 minutes before class and keep notebooks and pencils in my backpack at all times. Good thing I only have three classes. Two of them are about design research and theory and stuff but the one that I am most excited about, and the one that I am pretty sure will cause me the most anxiety this semester, is my model building class. It seems very intense. I got this impression when I was buying tools for the class at BLICK and the girl asked what class I was in. When I told her she said something like, “Good luck, drink a lot of coffee.” So that didn’t really make me feel super confident in my decisions to take three classes instead of the recommended two. Especially because multiple people told me that taking three classes as a grad student is gonna be really hard. But whatever, yo. I’m trying to finish in a year. Which, by the way, I can totally do! 🙂

The first project in our model building class is to pick a small object and replicate it in foam. For some absolutely ridiculous reason, I picked a harmonica, which has a million holes that are very difficult to carve out of foam. It took forever but here it is:

2019-09-15 12.09.48

Today I saw a bunch of turtles on a log when I was walking back from the the gym. Yes I tried to go to the gym today. Like for fitness. Didn’t care for it. I used a treadmill for the first time and it was a scary experience. I was worried I was going to stop paying attention and slip off the back. Anyway here are the turtles:

2019-09-16 12.35.33